Modeling and Analysis of the Data Link Layer in Wireless Sensor Networks

Lizhi Charlie Zhong
(Professor Jan M. Rabaey)
(DARPA) F29601-99-1-0169

My research introduces a framework where models for components in the data link layer are brought together with models for the network layer and the channel. This framework includes all the factors that influence the design of the data link layer and enables us to study the design of any component in the data link layer in the context of other components and layers. As a case study, we have built models for commonly used MAC/Link designs. We applied Banach’s fixed point theorem to solve the closed loop problem we encountered. We verified our models with network simulations using OMNET++. We also studied the impact of some important parameters.

L. C. Zhong, J. M. Rabaey, C. Guo, and R. Shah, “Data Link Layer Design for Wireless Sensor Networks,” Proc. MILCOM, Vol.1, October 2001.
L. C. Zhong, R. Shah, C. Guo, and J. M. Rabaey, “An Ultra-Low Power and Distributed Access Protocol for Broadband Wireless Sensor Networks,” Networld+Interop: IEEE Broadband Wireless Summit, Las Vegas, NV, May 2001.

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