March 19, 2003
Wozniak Lounge, 430 Soda Hall

Schedule and Agenda
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8:45am Welcome & Refreshments

9:00 am Strategic Plans & State of the Department, Shankar Sastry

9:30 am Morning Plenary Presentations: Interfaces Between INFO-NANO-BIO.
Facilitated by CS Associate Chair Jitendra Malik. A theme that emerged from the strategic plan discussions of last year was that there were very interesting opportunities at the intersection of information technology, nanotechnology and biotechnology. This year we want to give the IAB a sense of what the department's activities have been on this interface and to solicit feedback on opportunities not to be missed. Since the scope of the discussion is so broad we decided to ask for feedback in the form of interaction during the presentations.

· INFO-NANO Intersection. Connie Chang-Hasnain will speak about opportunities in nano photonics and John Kubiatowicz will talk about novel architectures for nanocomputing (faculty participants: King, Whaley)
· NANO-BIO Intersection. Roger Howe and Ron Fearing will talk about activities in BioMems and progress in biomimetics (faculty participants include Boser, White)
· INFO-BIO Intersection. Gene Myers and Kimmen Sjolander will speak about their research programs in computational and systems biology (faculty participants include Budinger, Karp)

11:00 am Computational Bio Initiative: Richard Karp will interactively discuss the campus initiative and the department's role.

11:20 am Nano Initiative: Jeff Bokor will interactively discuss the nanoelectronics and nanocomputing initiative.

11:40 am New Media Initiative: John Canny will discuss the role of the Berkeley Institute of Design in the campus wide New Media initiative.

12:00 pm Lunch

1:00 pm EE Strategic Directions in Technology. Led by EE Associate Chair Roger Howe.

1:45 pm Afternoon Plenary Presentations: New Large Departmental Initiatives. In pursuit of The Next Big Thing and Societal scale information systems we have launched new initiatives which will be presented interactively.

-- IT for the Developing World, Tom Kalil / John Canny / Jennifer Mankoff
-- Center for Hybrid and Embedded Systems and Software, Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli / Edward Lee
-- Discussion of Sensorwebs and Network Embedded Systems, David Culler / Jim Demmel

3:30 BREAKOUT GROUPS: What is the Next Big Thing likely to be and feedback on how to organize our efforts.

4:30 pm EECS Outreach: pipeline, graduate diversity and curriculum
Led by Dr. Sheila Humphreys, EECS Undergraduate Matters / Excellence & Diversity
CHESS / CC outreach


6:30 pm DINNER, Women's Faculty Club

Speaker Howard Shelanski, Bringing Spectrum Policy into Phase: Regulation and Technology for Wireless Communications
Introduced by Kannan Ramchandran

Abstract: The Federal Communications Commission has recently released its long-awaited Spectrum Policy Task Force. For those seeking a radical departure from the property rights regime for spectrum usage that has evolved over the last several decades, the report is bound to be disappointing. But at the same time, the report signals that change is afoot at the FCC and that the Commission is receptive to several promising initiatives for increasing the efficiency and availability of spectrum for a flexible array of uses. My talk will discuss how the property rights regime for radio spectrum has evolved and examine the problems that it creates for new users and uses seeking access to the airwaves. I will then discuss the spectrum commons debate that has gathered steam in the past couple of years and how the FCC has responded to new technologies that allow increasingly efficient, heterogeneous, and simultaneous use of frequencies heretofore assigned exclusively to one user. Finally, I will discuss the recent FCC Task Force report in light of these developments, and outline the possible future courses of spectrum policy in the U.S. and their implications for the deployment of new radio technology.

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Members expected to attend this year are listed below. Full board membership.

Ahmad Bahai
Chief Technology Officer
Vice President,Wireless Communications
National Semiconductor Corporation

Kirstie Bellman
Principal Director of the Aerospace Integration
Sciences Center (AISC)
The Aerospace Corporation

Terry Benzel
Vice President of Advanced Security Research,
Network Associates
Director NAI Labs

John Best
Chief Technology Officer
Hitachi Global Storage Technologies

Wanda Bordelon
Vice President and General Manager of
Global Software Group
Motorola Corporation

Ed Catmull
Cofounder and President

Jerry Fiddler
Chairman and Cofounder
Wind River Systems

Paula Hawthorn

Paul E. Jacobs
President, Wireless & Internet Group

Dan Ling
Vice President, Microsoft Research
Microsoft Corporation

William Mark
Vice President, Information &
Computing Sciences Division
SRI International

Jean Paul Jacob
IBM Research - Emeritus & EECS - Visiting Lecturer
for permanent member Robert Morris, IBM

Dariush Rafinejad
Corporate Vice President and General Manager
Applied Materials

Patrick Scaglia
Center Director, Internet & Computing Platform Technologies (I&CPT)
Hewlett Packard Labs

Roger Strauch
Roda Group

Robert Yung
Chief Technology Officer, Enterprise Processor Architecture
Intel Corporation

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