International Nano-Optoelectronic Workshop (iNOW)
St. Petersburg, Russia and Würzburg, Germany
July 24 - August 6, 2011

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Fees (Prices are in Euros)

Registration Fee:
Includes all technical sessions, breaks, meals, campus tours, local excursion trips and one set of conference proceedings. DOES NOT include lodging. Early bird discount prices are good until May 10, 2011. After this deadline regular prices will be in effect.


After 5/?/11
Airfare from St. Petersburg to FRA   210 EURO
Regular: Full duration 50,000JPY 55,000JPY
Regular: Lake Saiko Part 25,000JPY 28,000JPY
Regular: Shonan Village Part 25,000JPY 28,000JPY

Students and Attendees from universities and companies in Japan:
Please contact Professor Fumio Koyama at Tokyo Institute of Technology. Email:

Symposium Fee:
Includes registration fee, meals and local transportation in Tokyo, Lake Saiko and Shonan Village, souvenir, bus tickets, lodging for students (shared room) and regular attendees (single room).


Before 6/1/08


Students or Post-docs: Full duration only* 165,000JPY 180,000JPY
Regular: Full duration* 220,000JPY 250,000JPY
Regular: Tokyo-Lake Saiko only* 140,000JPY 160,000JPY
Regular: Shonan Village only* 110,000JPY 130,000JPY
*Note: Symposium fee excludes the Aug. 9 lodging and excursion on Kamakura.

Excursion Fee: Including 8/9 lodging in Kamakura.

Before 6/01/08
After 6/01/08
Students or Post-docs 10,000JPY 15,000JPY
Regular 20,000JPY 25,000JPY

Guests fee: Sharing room with speaker
Adult - Tokyo-Lake Saiko: Aug. 2-9 70,000JPY  
Adult - Kamakura-Shonan Village: Aug. 9-15 70,000JPY  
Child (under 18 yrs.) - Tokyo-Lake Saiko: Aug. 2-9 55,000JPY  
Child (Under 18 yrs.) - Kamakura-Shonan Village: Aug. 9-15 55,000JPY  

Payment Information

Total Payment to iNOW JPY

Deadline of Early Registration:
June 1, 2008.

By credit card: Fill out the Credit Information Form and fax it to:

Prof. Fumio Koyama
Tokyo Institute of Technology
FAX: +81-45-924-5977
TEL: +81-45-924-5068

After you have faxed your payment please send an email to and to confirm that you have paid.