Berkeley Wireless Embedded Systems Berkeley Wireless Embedded Systems

Location: 410 Soda Hall
Time: 2:00 - 5:00 PM

Please come join us in our lab for a poster and demo session where we will share our work on:

  • Modular wireless sensor platform (EPIC)
  • Effects of wireless link variability on Sensornets communication protocols
  • Solar energy modeling
  • Design and modeling for micro-solar power sensor networks (HydroWatch)
  • High-fidelity power and energy metering (SPOT)

The research vision of Berkeley WEBS (Wireless Embedded Systems) is focused on real-world wireless devices that communicate wirelessly to perform tasks such as sensing and actuation. Such systems often contain highly embedded and networked devices, often interact with people and their physical environment, and are highly constrained in resources such as computation and energy. These aspects raise significant systems research challenges, while at the same time presenting exciting opportunities to improve the technology of the future.