Steps for Newly Arriving EECS Department Visiting Researcher Scholars, Visiting Student Researchers, and Paid-Direct Postdocs

Cal 1 Card (UC Berkeley ID—includes "CalNet ID")

Within three or four days of signing your patent agreement with Campus Shared Services after your arrival, you should be able to get a Cal 1 ID card from the Cal 1 ID card booth in the Cesar Chavez Center on Lower Sproul Plaza. Call there first, to make sure your entry is showing in the Human Resources database: (510) 653-6839.

When you go to the Cal 1 ID card booth, take your passport or driver's license and your UC Berkeley ID number, which you can get when you meet with CSS. Ask the Cal 1 staff for a CalNet token to help activate your CalNet ID. A CalNet ID is necessary for computer accounts, wireless access, and online Library access, among other campus services.

With your CalNet ID and token, activate your CalNet account by going to the Create CalNet ID web page. When you enter your UC Berkeley ID number along with the registration token, you will create a passphrase in order to complete the activation of your CalNet ID. You will also be asked to set a CalNetKey and security questions to further protect your account.

Visiting Researcher Scholars & Visiting Student Researchers only, inform VSPA at immediately of your new CalMail email address; this is a requirement of the VSPA Program.

For Library access, go to the Circulation Desk at the Doe (Main) Library (642-3403).

For Recreational Sports Facility access, contact the Recreational Sports Facility, 2301 Bancroft Way, Berkeley.

To obtain EECS Department Keys and Cardkeys

With your new Cal Photo ID card, you can request metal key and cardkey access to EECS department buildings, offices and labs.

EECS Visitors in Cory Hall or Soda Hall:

  1. Go to the front desk in Cory Hall (253 Cory) or Soda Hall (387 Soda) and complete a paper Access Request form (it's orange).
  2. Take the Request form to your Faculty Host, or a designee with signing authority, to sign authorizing your access to the rooms and building you will need to be able to enter. Remember that all EECS buildings are locked after 6:30 p.m. and on weekends.
  3. Review the Department's "Injury and Illness Prevention Plan" for Cory or Soda, and "Building Emergency Plan" for Cory or Soda. Online review is required before keys/cardkeys can be issued. More emergency and safety information can be found at:
  4. After reviewing the safety plans, return your completed Access Request form to the Soda Hall front desk (387 Soda), which issues keys for both Cory and Soda Halls. The front desk person will issue any metal keys that have been authorized. Note that cardkey activation typically takes 24 hours.

EECS Visitors in CITRIS/Sutardja Dai Hall:

  1. Visit the Sutardja Dai Hall reception desk at 345 SD Hall (this is the Tech Museum Reception Desk) between 9am - 4pm and pick-up the SD Hall Access Request form.
  2. Have the form signed by your Faculty Host or their designee.
  3. Return completed form to 345 Sutardja Dai Hall (reception desk).

Additional steps for Postdoctoral Fellows

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