Undergraduate Town Hall

HP Auditorium Wednesday, March 6, 2013 5:00-7:00pm


Welcome and Introductions - David Culler, Chair

Session I: 30 min
Enrollment Presentation - Dan Klein, Undergraduate Study Committee Chair

Enrollment Q&A

Session II: 50 min
Selected Topics Presentation

  • Online Course Update - Armando Fox, Academic Director of the Berkeley Resource Center for Online Education
  • Class Availability - Satish Rao, CS Faculty Scheduling Chair
  • Health & Well-Being and Workload - David Culler, Chair; Christine Zhou, Staff Psychologist; Susanne Kauer, Student Affairs Director
  • Faculty-Student Relations - Tsu-Jae King, Associate Chair
  • Facilities - Vivek Subramanian & Anthony Joseph, Computing & Instructional Lab Co-Chairs; Kevin Mullally, Instructional Support Manager

General Q&A

Wrap up
  • Take-Aways - David Culler, Chair
  • Survey Raffle Announcement of Prizes - EECS Student Groups

Reception: HP Foyer

EECS Town Hall