2. Health and Safety

  1. Emergency Building Evacuation
  2. Earthquakes
  3. Building Security and After Hours Access
  4. Nighttime Safety Services
  5. In Times of Stress
  6. Health and Safety Questions

  1. Emergency Building Evacuation

    In case of fire or other emergency, Cory Hall and/or Soda Hall will be evacuated. The following things will happen: a loud alarm will sound; evacuation procedures may be announced over the public address system (if you hear the alarm and no instructions follow, leave the building in a controlled and deliberate manner); an evacuation message will appear on all computer terminals; safety monitors in yellow helmets will direct you to the nearest safe exit.

    Evacuation Procedures

    1. Quickly gather all your personal valuables.
    2. Close all windows and doors (do not lock doors).
    3. Move calmly and carefully out of the building. Do not run. Do not use the elevators.
    4. Move at least 100 feet from the building. Do not block the exits.
    5. Follow the instructions of the safety monitors in yellow helmets

  2. Earthquakes

    Earthquakes are a geological fact in California. A few precautions will enable you to live in earthquake country with peace of mind. Depending upon where you are and the nature of the tremor, it may feel like the building is swaying in a high wind, or trembling, or the ground is sharply jolting or rolling. Most earthquakes only last several seconds, but what you do during that time may be very important.

    • If you are outside, move to an open area. Stay away from buildings where cornices, glass, or other objects could fall, and stay away from lampposts and other structures, which might topple.
    • If you are inside, get under a sturdy piece of furniture or building support, such as an arch or doorway. Stay away from windows, open bookshelves, and other objects, which may topple or slide. Wait until the shaking is over and listen for evacuation announcements. Do not use the telephone. Emergency personnel may need clear communication lines.

  3. Building Security and After Hours Access

    Building Security

    If you see a box, letter, briefcase, or package, and you don't know where it came from or how it got there, DO NOT TOUCH IT!

    • In Cory, contact the receptionist or the Cory Hall (642-3214) Building Manager in 253 Cory (642-1527) or the University Police (642-3333)
    • In Soda, contact the receptionist in 387 Soda (642-1042), the Soda Hall Building Manager in 393 Soda (643-6619, right behind the receptionist) or the University Police (642-3333).
    • In Sutardja Dai, contact the receptionist on the third floor or the Sutardja Dai Building Manager in 330A Sutardja Dai, (510) 502-6025, or the University Police (642-3333).

    Do not leave any packages or boxes in the hallways to be disposed of; leave them in your office or lab with a note for the custodians. The custodians will not take away boxes left in the corridor. Your cooperation will reduce the frequency of reports of suspicious articles and will thereby reduce confusion when an article of a suspicious nature must be investigated.

    In case of fire, extinguishers can be found on every floor at the corners of the main corridors. Emergency assistance may be obtained by calling 642-3333.

    After Hours Building Access

    The doors to both Cory and Soda Halls are unlocked from 7:30 a.m. until 6:30 p.m., after which time you will need an electronic card key, issued by the Department, to enter parts of the buildings other than terminal rooms available 24 hours. Cory Hall is protected by an electronic security and surveillance system with cameras monitoring each door 24 hours a day. Students needing keys must fill out applications to be signed by their Adviser, the person in charge of teaching labs, and the Department Building Manager. Applications are available in Room 253 Cory or 387 Soda Hall. Immediately report lost keys to these offices.

    Important Notes

    • Lending out cardkeys or letting people you don't know into Cory or Soda Halls after regular building hours is prohibited.
    • During special events on campus, especially those held at the Greek Theatre, a private security firm might be employed to patrol Cory Hall entrances. Uniformed guards may request that students present their electronic card keys and student identification cards to obtain access to the building. We appreciate students' cooperation.

  4. Night Shuttle and BearWALK

  5. In Times of Stress

    Individuals vary in their ability to cope with stressful situations. If at any time you are having stress-related problems that persist or interfere with your health or well-being, especially if you feel overwhelmed, you may want to seek professional assistance. Here are two great resources:

    Dr. Shuangmei (Christine) Zhou is a licensed staff psychologist from Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS) and is also the "in-house" psychologist for the College of Engineering. She is located in 241 Bechtel on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. She can help with stress and anxiety, depressed moods, procrastination, time management, and many other concerns.

    • Email her at christinez@uhs.berkeley.edu or call 510-643-7850 to schedule an appointment
    • Drop-in hours on Tuesdays 2pm-4pm and Wednesdays 10am-12pm
    • Christine is one of many wonderful counselors available through UHS Counseling Psychological Services. If she is not available when you need help, please feel free to speak with a different counselor at Tang Center (see below)

    UHS Counseling Psychological Services, 2222 Bancroft Way, (510) 642-9494

    • Walk-in appointments: 10am-5pm Monday - Friday

    Staying Healthy

    From financial worries, academic pressures, personal matters, to concerns about flu season, we are dealing with ever-increasing stressors in our daily lives that can often blindside healthful habits before you even realize it. Use these guides to prioritize yourself and stay healthy!

    If you find that you're overwhelmed and cannot devote your full energies to your studies, here are some people you can talk to:

    Additional Resources

    Campus Resources

    • Recreational Sports
      Exercise classes, personal trainers, massage services, low-cost memberships with access to campus facilities, and the WorkFIT Program, an on-site strength training and flexibility circuit training for departments.
    • UC Berkeley Living Well wellness portal
      Interactive Wellness Wheel featuring six dimensions of wellness with campus resources for students, faculty and staff, the wellness calendar, campus wellness mission and more.

    Community Resources

    • Live your Life Well
      From Mental Health America (formerly known as the National Mental Health Association), this new, interactive website provides tools to combat stress and promote well-being.
  6. Health and Safety Questions

    The EECS Department Building Managers will be happy to answer inquiries in Room 253 Cory (642-1527) and 393 Soda (643-6619). An active Safety Committee includes graduate student representatives who can also provide answers to your safety questions. For more information see EECS Facilities and Services