Importing Addresses from Excel to a Netscape/Thunderbird List

  1. Create the excel file you want, with names and mail addresses. Mine was just this format:

    Cinder Ella
    Snow White

  2. Save the excel file as CSV (comma delimited)
  3. In netscape, open the address book (Window, Address Book or Tools, Address Book)
  4. Choose Tools, import..., address books, text file.
  5. In the file open dialog, change the type to csv and choose the file saved from excel, e.g., undergrads.csv.
  6. The "import address book" dialog opens. Use the Up and Down buttons to get "display name" next to the person's name and primary email next to the email address. You only need to do this on the first record--ignore the Next and Prev buttons.
  7. When the labels are next to the appropriate information, press <enter> There is no OK button on this dialog, so this step is not obvious. Choose Finish in the final dialog.
  8. You will now have a new address book on the left with the same name as the file exported from Excel (undergrads in our example).
  9. With the new address book selected, choose New List from the toolbar. Give the list a name and description, and choose OK. Don't try to enter addresses.
  10. On the left, click the triangle next to the new address book. The list you just created should show up below the address book.
  11. The addresses from the imported file should be listed on the right. Select them all. This is easiest to do by clicking the first address, scrolling down, and shift-clicking on the last address.
  12. Drag the addresses to the new list on the left. The addresses should be added to the list, and you now have a list with all of your imported addresses.

Jan Pardoe
last modified 13 November 2008

Oct 26, 2009 16:21

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