Setting Calendar Designate Rights

To allow someone else to access your CalAgenda calendar account (this is usually done for the Chair's calendar).

  1. Open your Oracle calendar client application.
  2. Pull down the "Tools" menu and select "Access Rights"
  3. Under the "Designate" tab, type the surname of the person to whom you would like to grant access into the search field and click the icon with the green check mark.
  4. A new dialog box will appear. Select their name in the list and click "OK." If you cannot find their name on the list, try searching for their first name.
  5. The name of your designate should appear in the list below the search field. Be sure that the name is highlighted and check the box next to "Full designate rights," located in the pale gray section above it.
  6. Select the other tabs: "Viewing," "Viewing Tasks," "Scheduling," and "Address Book" to set specific rights.
  7. When you have finished, click "OK."