Procedures for Requesting an EECS Account for a New Staffperson

Last revised 17-jan-2013

These instructions are for the new employee's tech support/manager.

  1. When you have been notified that the user is in the campus financial system: They will need to visit a CalNet deputy (list here, under EECS) to get a CalNet token
  2. The user will use the token to activate their CalNet account and select a CalNet ID and password. Some deputies will walk them through this process.
  3. When the user has activated their CalNet ID: They must then create a campus bApps account: They will need to do this in order to get a campus bMail address.
  4. When the user has a bApps account: You may then fill out an EECS account request form: . Be sure to use the user's new bMail email address as their "Current Email Address"
  5. When the user's EECS account comes through: The user can be added to:
    • the pertinent Windows groups (contact your sysadmin)
    • unit-specific email aliases (contact your sysadmin)
    • the eecs-staff and eecs-announce mail lists (contact acg@eecs)

    The user will automatically be added to the EECS directory and the appropriate building information mail list.

  6. Be sure that your user sets their CalNetKey ( and Security Questions (

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