EECS CalMail to bMail Migration

The EECS subdomain migration is slated to begin on Friday, June 21, 2013. Your mail will be offline and you should not try to access it until Monday morning, June 24. Please let us know if you plan to be on vacation from June 21 - 24.

Do not access your email for the duration of the migration weekend. If you MUST check your mail during this time, please contact your tech support person for instructions.

Vital Information Pre-Migration Prep How-Tos Configuring bMail
Pre-Migration Check-List Find Account and Message Sizes Thunderbird to bMail Conversion
After the Migration
Transferring Contacts, Signatures & Filters
bMail Tips & Tricks
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Pre-Migration Check-List

In bMail

In CalMail

  1. Rename any mailboxes whose names contain:
    • the characters: ^ ! %
    • the word "Archive." If you have archived folders in Thunderbird, you will not be able to rename this folder, so transfer mail out of it into another folder
  2. If you have any subfolders inside your Inbox, move them out.
  3. Empty these following folders by June 21:
    • Trash (if you want to keep something, move to another folder)
    • Spam
    • Deleted Items
    • Drafts
  4. Size Quotas:
    1. Combined account sizes of and mail should not exceed 25 GB
    2. No single message and/or attachment should be more than 25 MB
    How to find out your message and account sizes
  5. The following will NOT migrate:
    The following will not migrate properly:
    • Nested folders whose combined names exceed 225 characters. The resulting labels will be truncated.
    • Folders containing no messages (including folders that contain subfolders but no messages in the parent folder). You can fix this fairly easily from the bMail web interface after the migration. More information from the CSS Knowledge Base.
    • If the total number of unique-named folders in BOTH accounts is 500 or greater, you may have to consolidate.

After the Migration

Things You Need to Know

There will be some basic changes to the way mail works.

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