Zeilinger Staff Excellence Award Winners

The Wil Zeilinger Staff Excellence Award is presented annually to a staff member of the EECS Department or the Engineering Research Support Organization (ERSO) who exemplifies a spirit of service cheerfully given for the general good .

2014   Lars Rohrbach
2013   Heather Levien
2012   Rosita Alvarez-Croft
2011   Fred Archibald
2010   Marilyn Kushner
2009   Gladys Khoury
2008   Ferenc Kovac
2007   Maggie Crowley
2006   Benjamin Lake
2005    Gus Monino
2004    Ruth Gjerde and Eleta Cook
2003    Xiao-Fan Meng
2002    Margie Berger
2001    James Parrish
2000    Mary Byrnes
1999    Tom Boot
1998    Kevin Mullally
1997    Phil Guillory
1996    Rosemary Spivey
1995    Linda Pratt
1994    Terry Lessard Smith
1993    Robert Hamilton
1992    Genevieve Thiebaut

  Wil Zeilinger Staff Excellence Award