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Spring 2015 GSI Hiring Status

Application Deadline

Every semester we hire GSIs, both undergraduates and graduates, for our EECS courses. You may apply for these positions during the open application process.

The GSI application deadline for Summer 2015 is April 1, 2015. Please note, your application may not be reviewed if you apply after the deadline.

Please be aware that the GSI requirement for PhD students can only be satisfied by teaching in one of the approved GSI courses (these are all courses that have scheduled labs and/or discussion sections). For students entering the EECS Ph.D. program in Fall 2009 or later, you must fulfill this requirement by working as a GSI (excluding EE or CS 301) for a total of 30 hours minimum prior to graduation. At least 20 of those hours must be for an EE or CS undergraduate course.

For information about GSI requirements, fee remission, etc., see the GSI Appointments Guide and GSI Requirements.

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Non-Native English Speakers English Proficiency Requirement

All prospective GSIs who do not speak English as a native language must pass a test of their proficiency in spoken English before they can be appointed to GSI positions. Exempted from this policy are those who hold a B.A., B.S., or other bachelor's level degree from an institution in the United States. The policy applies to all prospective GSIs, whatever their citizenship, country of origin, or residency status, and whatever subject they will be teaching. Those who do not speak English as a native language may satisfy this requirement by passing the Speaking Proficiency English Assessment Kit (SPEAK) or the Oral Proficiency Test (OPT) on the Berkeley campus. A passing score on either of these tests must be obtained before you can be appointed as a GSI.

To see if you satisfy the English Language Requirement, you can take the English Language Proficiency Questionnaire.

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Undergraduate GSIs

In order to apply to be a UGSI, you must meet the following qualifications:

  1. Be in good academic standing (i.e., cannot be on academic probation or have more than 2 incomplete grades)
  2. Enrolled in the minimum number of units approved by your college by the second week of classes (this is a week before the regular campus deadline)
  3. Upper Division status when you begin teaching
  4. Overall GPA of 3.0 or higher and maintain this GPA in the semester you are teaching
  5. Previously taken the course, its equivalent or a more advanced course, with a grade of A- or better
  6. Complete the 300-level semester-long pedagogical seminar on teaching in the first semester you are teaching
  7. First-time UGSIs must attend the Teaching Conference before the beginning of the teaching semester.
  8. First-time UGSIs must complete the GSI Professional Standards and Ethics Online Course by the first day of classes.
  9. If you are an international student and this will be your first time being a UGSI, you must complete the Language Proficiency Screening Questionnaire. (Please notify once you have completed the questionnaire.)
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UGSI Hiring Guidelines

Undergraduate students may be appointed as Undergraduate Student Instructors (UGSIs) by exception only. Exceptions may be approved if a department is not able to recruit any qualified graduate students (including graduate students in other departments) or hire a lecturer to fill an essential GSI position.

Hiring of Undergraduate Student Instructors (UGSIs) is handled administratively by staff in the EECS department only after receiving approval for each UGSI by a faculty member. The vast majority of EECS Undergraduate Student Instructors are upper-division students as determined by their number of semesters at Cal (i.e., not by number of units). However, a small number of students may be recruited to serve as UGSIs earlier in their academic careers. By Graduate Division policy, these students must have upper-division standing in terms of the total units on their transcript. These students typically have UGSI duties that are more limited than a more advanced UGSI and their work is closely monitored.

EECS faculty will be encouraged to set guidelines and best practices for selecting UGSIs for their courses. These best practices will vary by course but may include:

The complete Graduate Division policy on hiring Undergraduates.

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Paid Readers/Tutors

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Online Applications

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Lab Assistants

If you're interested in lab assisting, here are all the links for the respective classes in order to sign up.

Spring 2015

Interested in applying for a course that's not listed here? Contact Catherine Bouvier Dang (catherinedang@eecs).

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