CS Spring 2015 Class Schedule

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CCN Course Sec Type Title Instructor Day/Time Location Units Exam Group
  CS 9B 1 SLF Pascal for Programmers Paul N. Hilfinger        
  CS 9E 1 SLF Productive Unix Use Paul N. Hilfinger        
  CS 10 1   The Beauty and Joy of Computing Dan Garcia        
  CS 39S 1 SEM Photographic Technique in the Free Speech Movement and Today Brian A. Barsky        
  CS 61A 1   Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs John DeNero        
  CS 61AS 1   The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (Self-Paced) Paul N. Hilfinger        
  CS 61B 1   Data Structures Joshua Hug        
  CS 61C 1   Great Ideas of Computer Architecture (Formerly Machine Structure) Krste Asanović; Vladimir Stojanovic        
  CS 70 1   Discrete Math & Probability Umesh Vazirani        
  CS 160 1   User Interfaces          
  CS 161 1   Computer Security Dawn Song        
  CS 162 1   Operating Systems and System Programming John D. Kubiatowicz        
  CS 164 1   Programming Languages and Compilers Paul N. Hilfinger        
  CS 169 1   Software Engineering Armando Fox        
  CS 170 1   Introduction to CS Theory Satish Rao        
  CS 172 1 LEC Computers and Complexity Luca Trevisan        
  CS 174 1   Combinatorics and Discrete Probability Michael Jordan        
  CS 184 1   Foundations of Computer Graphics          
  CS 186 1   Introduction to Databases Joseph M. Hellerstein        
  CS 188 1   Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Pieter Abbeel        
  CS 189 1   Introduction to Machine Learning Peter Bartlett; Alexei (Alyosha) Efros        
  CS 194 5   Internet of Everyday Things David E. Culler        
  CS 194 8   Advanced Digital Animation Dan Garcia; James O'Brien        
  CS 195 1   Social Implications of Computers          
  CS 260A 1   User Interface Design and Development Maneesh Agrawala        
  CS 261N 1   Internet and Network Security Vern Paxson        
  CS C267 1   Applications of Parallel Computing James Demmel        
  CS 268 1   Graduate Computer Networking Sylvia Ratnasamy        
  CS 270 1   Combinatorial Algorithms and Data Structures TBA        
  CS 274 1 LEC Computational Geometry Jonathan Shewchuk        
  CS C280 1   Computer Vision Jitendra Malik        
  CS 283 1   Advanced Computer Graphics James O'Brien        
  CS 284A 1   Foundations of Computer Graphics          
  CS 286A 1   Introduction to Database Systems Joseph M. Hellerstein        
  CS 287 1   Advanced Robotics Pieter Abbeel        
  CS 289A 1   Introduction to Machine Learning Alexei (Alyosha) Efros        
  CS 294 43   Visual Object and Activity Recognition Trevor Darrell; Alexei (Alyosha) Efros F 10:00A-12:00P 730 Davis 1 to 3  
  CS 294 100   Internet of Everyday Things David E. Culler        
  CS 294 101 LEC Reinforcement Learning Stuart J. Russell        
  CS 375 1   Teaching Techniques TBA