EECS Staff (by name)

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Name                          Office              Phone       E-Mail           Status            Affil   Sub-Affil


Abbatecola, Angie 741 Soda Hall 3-6413 angie@eecs Staff ERSO goldstein, leslie Allman, Eric 490 Cory Hall eric@eecs Staff EECS rabaey, jan Alseddiq, Hussain 520 Sutardja Dai H 809-8638 alseddiq@eecs Staff EECS flounders, bill Amaral, Bob 187 Cory Hall 3-8400 ramaral@eecs Staff ERSO flounders, bill Anderson-Lee, Jeff 325 Soda Hall 3-6447 jonah@eecs Staff ERSO fraser, eric Anderssen, Anne 199ME Cory Hall 3-8833 aanderssen@erso Staff ERSO stone, jennifer Arvai, Eric 377 Cory Hall (510) 642-69 arvai@EECS Staff EECS mcnally, scott Atchley, Kattt 465A Soda Hall 3-3499 atchley@eecs Staff EECS patterson, david --- BSAC, Reception 403 Cory Hall 3-6690 bsacdesk@eecs Staff BSAC huggins, john Bartholomew, Krystle 179M Cory Hall krystle.bartholom Staff ERSO jen, cathy Bartl, Michael 403 Cory Hall michael.bartl@eec Staff EECS yablonovitch, eli Batterbee, Bethany 446 Sutardja Dai H bethanybatterbee@ Staff RES wihera, sean Bell, Mark 266 SD Hall 664-4314 mbell@eecs Staff ERSO witt, jeanette Benjamin, Jerry 120 Calvin Lab jerrybenjamin@eec Staff EECS mason, drew Bielecki, Anthony 520 Sutardja Dai H bielecki@EECS Staff ERSO flounders, bill Bradley, Amanda abradley@eecs Staff EECS tcheng, breanne Bremer, Xander Jacobs Hall xbremer@eecs Staff EECS fraser, eric Brooks, Christopher 545Q Cory Hall 707-332-0670 cxh@eecs Staff ERSO lee, edward a Burghardt, Frederick BWRC 666-3105 flb@eecs Staff ERSO rabaey, jan Burr, Alexander 253 Cory Hall 2-2384 ahburr@eecs Staff EECS williamson, josephine --- Calderon, Derek 327 Soda Hall 642-2338 dcalderon@eecs Staff EECS fraser, eric Caragher, Pete 377 Cory Hall 2-6929 pete@eecs Staff EECS law, katherina Caramagno, Domenico 330A Sutardja Dai dcaramag@eecs Staff CITRIS stierwalt, karen Carr, Charlotte 353 Cory Hall 664-9081 carr@EECS Staff Other jen, cathy Carr, William 266 Sutardja Dai H 664-4319 wcarr@erso Staff ERSO bell, mark Case, Dahlia 205 Cory Hall 2-7372 dahliacase@eecs Staff EECS williamson, josephine Castrillo, Manuel 388 Cory Hall mcastrillo@EECS Staff EECS yerardi, jerry Chan, Atalie 231 Cory Hall 3-6850 acchan@eecs Staff EECS williamson, josephine Chan, Elise elise.chan@eecs Staff EECS chang-hasnain, connie Chan, Kim f Sutardja Dai Hall 809-8600 kim@eecs Staff ERSO flounders, bill Chang, Gabe 375 Soda Hall 2-1390 gabe@eecs Staff EECS williamson, josephine Chavez, Ixel 443 Soda Hall 2-8271 flaca@eecs Staff ERSO zadeh, lotfi Chen, Glenn 179M Cory Hall glennchen@ERSO Staff EECS jen, cathy Chen, TK 187M Cory Hall 2-7618 tkchen@erso Staff ERSO jen, cathy Chinen, Carlyn 465A Soda Hall cchinen@EECS Staff EECS atchley, kattt Chiu, Finsen 1109A Etcheverry H finsen@eecs Staff MECH fraser, eric Chu, Eric Nano Lab Sutardja 3-8400 eric_chu@eecs Staff EECS flounders, bill Chukes, Jason 520 Sutardja Dai H 809-8617 chukes@eecs Staff ERSO flounders, bill Chun, Joyce 353 Cory Hall 2-1538 joycechun@erso Staff ERSO jen, cathy Clarkson, Jeffrey 520 Sutardja Dai H 809-8628 jclark@eecs Staff EECS flounders, bill Collins, Sherrell O'Brien Hall 3-7788 scollins@erso Staff Other weekley, cynthia Corey, Dalene 353 Cory Hall 3-2834 dalene-corey@eecs Staff ERSO jen, cathy Corpus, Candy candycorpus@eecs Staff EECS nishiyama, leslie Couchman, Elisha enc@eecs Staff EECS tcheng, breanne Coyne, Elizabeth 545Q Cory Hall elizabeth.coyne@e Staff EECS lee, edward a Crittenden, Camille 356E Sutardja Dai 3-8834 ccrittenden@eecs Staff EECS stierwalt, karen Crowley, Magdalene (Maggie) 388 Cory Hall 2-6745 maggie@eecs Staff EECS pardoe, jan Cuison, Mary 633 Davis Hall 3-3235 mcuison@erso Staff ERSO jen, cathy --- Danford, Tim 465 Soda Hall tdanford@eecs Staff EECS patterson, david Davis, Becky 395 Soda Hall 2-0544 rfrazier@eecs Staff EECS williamson, josephine DelliGatti, Chris 393 Soda Hall 2-1468 delligatti@EECS Staff EECS williamson, josephine Dexter, Matt 601 Campbell Hall 3-4899 mdexter@eecs Staff BWRC werthimer, dan Dey-Ward, Caitlin 313 Soda Hall 3-5383 caitlin@eecs Staff CS williamson, josephine Dinh, Amy 103 Jacobs Hall amydinh@eecs Staff COE rice, emily Doneva, Mariya 550 Cory Hall mariya.doneva@EEC Staff EECS lustig, michael Doyle, Jane 695 Soda Hall 2-3001 doyle@erso Research Adminis ERSO jen, cathy Duong, Diana 353 Cory Hall 3-9665 snoflake@eecs Staff ERSO jen, cathy --- Elhadi, Abdelrahman 684 Soda Hall 3-6683 elhadia@eecs Staff EECS jen, cathy Enriquez, Marcelino 333 Soda Hall 2-9543 mars@eecs Staff EECS mullally, kevin --- Flinker, Julia 381 Soda Hall 3-6618 jflinker@EECS Staff EECS williamson, josephine Flounders, Bill 520 Sutardja Dai H 809-8613 bill@eecs Staff ERSO wu, ming c. Foster, Rebecca Cory Hall rfoster@erso Staff ERSO jen, cathy Fraser, Eric 317 Soda Hall 520-1346 fraser@eecs Staff EECS lee, edward a --- Gamble (Archuleta), Jessica 337 Cory Hall 3-5105 jesnjosh@eecs Staff EE pister, kristofer Gangl, Stephanie O'Brien Hall gangl@erso Staff ERSO jen, cathy Gavazza, Joseph 187 Cory Hall 3-8400 gavazza@eecs Staff ERSO flounders, bill George, Jacob jgeorge@eecs Staff EECS tcheng, breanne George, Therese 254M Cory Hall 2-9551 therese@erso Staff EECS chang-hasnain, connie Gin, Gary Jacobs Hall garygin@eecs Staff EECS fraser, eric Gin, Helena 776 Soda Hall 2-3231 gin@erso Staff ERSO doyle, jane Goldstein, Leslie 765 Soda Hall 3-2469 lgolds@erso Research Support ERSO jen, cathy Golubovskaya, Yulia 353 Cory Hall 642-4043 yulia@erso Staff ERSO jen, cathy Gomez, Yovana 406G Cory Hall yovgomez@eecs Staff EECS spanos, costas Goto, Albert 410 Soda Hall 3-7472 goto@cs Staff ERSO fraser, eric Goto, Barbara 741 Soda Hall bgoto@erso Staff ERSO goldstein, leslie Gottbrath, Joseph Jacobs Hall joeygottbrath@EEC Staff EECS fraser, eric Greenfield, Laura 387 Soda Hall 2-1042 lgreenfield@EECS Staff EECS williamson, josephine Greenfield, Lucia 199M Cory Hall luciagreenfield@e Staff ERSO jen, cathy Guiton, Sandra 199MD Cory Hall 2-9718 sandrag@erso Staff ERSO jen, cathy --- Hamilton, Robert M 520 Sutardja Dai H 809-8600 bob@eecs Staff ERSO flounders, bill Haslam, Brenton 266 Sutardja Dai H 4-4319 haslam@eecs Staff EECS witt, jeanette Hemphill, Richelieu 520 Sutardja Dai H rhemp@eecs Staff EECS flounders, bill Hernan, Patrick J 205 Cory Hall 2-9265 hernan@eecs Staff EE kauer, susanne Heuer, Michael 465 Soda Hall mheuer@eecs Staff EECS atchley, kattt Hinson, Damon 634 Soda Hall 2-9982 damonh@erso Research Support ERSO doyle, jane Hoey, Robin 121 Calvin Lab 664-9075 rhoey@EECS Staff EECS mason, drew Hoyt, Tyler 410 Soda Hall thoyt@eecs Staff EECS culler, david Hryse, Charlotte 520 Sutardja Dai H 809-8609 chryse@eecs Staff ERSO flounders, bill Hsu, Chris 406F Cory Hall 510-642-4253 chriswhsu@eecs Staff EECS gomez, yovana Huang, Judy 406 Cory Hall judyhuang@EECS Staff EECS gomez, yovana Huang, Shidi 387 Soda Hall 686-3466 andrew.huang@eecs Staff EECS franklin, michael Huang, Linda 384 Cory Hall 3-6096 lindah@eecs Staff EECS mullally, kevin Huggins, John 401 Cory Hall 3-5663 jhuggins@eecs Staff BSAC huggins, john Hughes, Charlene 203 Cory Hall 2-2357 cdhughes@EECS Staff EECS williamson, josephine Humphreys, Sheila 565 Cory Hall 3-1974 humphrys@eecs Staff EECS malik, jitendra Hunn, Christopher 377 Soda Hall 2-7214 cthunn@eecs Staff EECS williamson, josephine --- Ilov, Kostadin 575 Soda Hall kilov@eecs Staff ERSO patterson, david Infante, Roxana 563 Soda Hall 3-1455 roxana@eecs Staff EECS patterson, david --- Jen, Cathy O'Brien Hall 2-5875 ckj@erso Deputy Director ERSO jen, cathy Johnson, Derek 353 Cory Hall 3-2646 derekj@eecs Staff ERSO jen, cathy Johnson, Tammy 517 Soda Hall 3-4816 tamille@eecs Staff EECS patterson, david Jones, Charlotte 5510 Sutardja Dai 664-4203 cmjones@erso Staff ERSO jen, cathy Jones, Jenny 231 Cory Hall 3-0855 jennyj@eecs Staff EECS williamson, josephine Jordan, Sarah BWRC sjordan@eecs Staff EECS nishiyama, leslie --- Kader, Miriam 353 Cory Hall 3-9665 mkader@EECS Staff ERSO jen, cathy Kaftan, Tomer 483 Soda Hall tomerk11@EECS Staff EECS franklin, michael Kail, Kim 273 Cory Hall kail@erso Staff ERSO moore, vonis Kane, Kristin 121 Calvin Lab kakane@eecs Staff EECS karp, richard Katagiri, Noriko 3119 Etcheverry Ha norikok@ERSO Staff ERSO jen, cathy Kauer, Susanne 221 Cory Hall 2-3694 skauer@eecs Staff EECS williamson, josephine Keeler, Jesse keeler@EECS Staff EECS tcheng, breanne Keller, John 331 Soda Hall 2-9435 jkeller@eecs Staff EECS pardoe, jan Keller (Omori), Kaori kkeller@EECS Staff EECS tcheng, breanne Kellogg-Smith, Susan Sutardja Dai Hall 809-8600 kellogg@eecs Staff ERSO melton, neal Kewley, Glenn 520 Sutardja Dai H gkewley@EECS Staff ERSO flounders, bill Khalaf, Hasan 197M Cory Hall hkhalaf@EECS Staff ERSO jen, cathy Kim, Shelley 490 Cory Hall 2-6239 shelleyk@eecs Staff EECS kim, shelley Kim, Vibol yoshikim@eecs Staff EECS yerardi, jerry Knapp, Shane 483 Soda Hall sknapp@eecs Staff EECS franklin, michael Kone, Gianna 621 Sutardja Dai H gianna@eecs Staff ERSO jen, cathy Kottalam, Jey 483 Soda Hall jey@eecs Staff EECS stoica, ion Kozachenko, Igor 515 Soda Hall igor175@eecs Staff EECS demmel, james Kraitchman, Mark 321 Soda Hall 3-3468 kraitch@eecs Staff EECS fraser, eric Krysiak, Anne 3119 Etcheverry Ha annekrysiak@eecs Staff Other jen, cathy Kuroda, Jon 475 Soda Hall 3-7455 jkuroda@cs Staff EECS katz, randy Kushner, Marilyn 520 Sutardja Dai H 809-8600 marilyn@eecs Staff ERSO flounders, bill --- Lake, Benjamin 187 Cory Hall 3-8400 benlake@eecs Staff ERSO flounders, bill Lau-Stewart, Lena 199MD Cory Hall 3-9148 lenalau@erso Staff ERSO jen, cathy Law, Katherina 380 Cory Hall 3-0843 law@eecs Staff EECS mcnally, scott Lawson, Jim ucbjrl@EECS Staff EECS asanovic, krste Lee, Wendy Calvin Lab 4-4035 ey.wendylee@ Staff EECS mason, drew Lee, Meredith 449 Soda Hall mmlee@eecs Staff EECS franklin, michael Lei, Sa 199M Cory Hall leisa@erso Staff ERSO jen, cathy Levien, Heather 253B Cory Hall 2-3497 heather@eecs Staff EECS williamson, josephine Liang, Sherry 776 Soda Hall 3-1980 liangs@erso Research Support ERSO goldstein, leslie Lin-Wong, Jean 3119 Etcheverry Ha 3-9151 jeanclin@erso Research Support ERSO doyle, jane Linan, Mike Sutardja Dai Hall 809-8600 linan@eecs Staff ERSO flounders, bill Lincoln, Miles mlincoln@eecs Staff EECS tcheng, breanne Lindeman, David Sutardja Dai Hall dlindeman@eecs Staff CITRIS stierwalt, karen Lindsey, Gwen 353 Cory Hall gwenl@erso Staff ERSO jen, cathy Liu, Shirley McLaughlin Hall shirleyhliu@eecs Staff EECS chang-hasnain, connie Lo, David Sutardja Dai Hall 809-8600 davidlo@eecs Staff ERSO flounders, bill Lorenzen-Rascon, Uta 108 Calvin Lab 664-9856 uta@EECS Staff EECS mason, drew Lossing, Richard 403 Cory Hall 3-9827 rlossing@eecs Staff BSAC huggins, john Lutz, Ken 490 Cory Hall 3-4872 lutz@eecs Staff BWRC rabaey, jan Ly, Kim 400A Cory Hall 2-8201 kimly@eecs Staff BSAC huggins, john --- Madison, Reginald Sutardja Dai Hall rmadison007@eecs Staff CITRIS stierwalt, karen Marchetti, Peter 253 Cory Hall 3-4976 pmarchetti@eecs Staff EECS williamson, josephine Mariano, Lorie 356C Sutardja Dai 3-2217 lorie@eecs Staff CITRIS stierwalt, karen Markley, Charles Wade 583 Soda Hall chick@eecs Staff EECS fox, armando Marlor, Lea 562 Sutardja Dai H 664-4882 lkmarlor@eecs Staff EECS artis, sharnnia Marshall, Carol 200A Sutardja Dai carolm@cs Staff CS kauer, susanne Martin, Michael Cory Hall 809-8600 mmartin@eecs Staff ERSO flounders, bill Martinez, Aleta 234 Jacobs Hall 510-664-7574 aleta@eecs Staff COE rice, emily Martinez, Cheryl 330F Sutardja Dai 2-1146 cmartinez@eecs Staff CITRIS stierwalt, karen Mason, Drew 126 Calvin Lab mason@EECS Staff EECS sinclair, alistair Massie, Matt 483 Soda Hall massie@eecs Staff ERSO franklin, michael Matsuoka, Daniel 187M Cory Hall d.matsuoka@EECS Staff Other jen, cathy McIntyre, Nicole 205 Cory Hall 2-7372 nicolemcintyre@EE Staff EECS williamson, josephine McNally, Scott 253 Cory Hall 917-3511 mcnally@eecs Staff EE chair, eecs department McNeil, Brian Sutardja Dai Hall 809-8600 mcneil@eecs Staff ERSO flounders, bill McNicholas, Rob 321 Soda Hall 510-842-7624 robm@eecs Staff EECS fraser, eric Melton, Neal 520 Sutardja Dai H nmelton@EECS Staff ERSO flounders, bill Meng, Xiao Fan meng@eecs Staff ERSO van duzer, theodore Miller, Gina 199MA Cory Hall 2-2873 ginam@erso Staff ERSO jen, cathy Mills, Elise 382 Cory Hall 3-6682 elise@erso Research Adminis ERSO jen, cathy Mirolo, Sebastien 515 Soda Hall smirolo@eecs Staff EECS asanovic, krste Mitchell, Laura Jacobs Hall lauramitchell@eec Staff COE rice, emily Mitchell, Lauren 634 Soda Hall 2-3417 lbailey@erso Research Support ERSO goldstein, leslie Moalem, Kendall O'Brien Hall 3-8424 kendallm@eecs Staff ERSO jen, cathy Mody, Sunit 253A Cory Hall 2-1468 sunitm@eecs Staff EECS williamson, josephine Monino, Gustavo 175M Cory Hall 3-8886 gus@erso Staff ERSO jen, cathy Moore, Vonis 392 Cory Hall 2-1012 vonis@erso Staff ERSO jen, cathy Morales, Annette 199MD Cory Hall 3-3394 fmorales@EECS Staff ERSO jen, cathy Morford, Jay Sutardja Dai Hall 809-8600 morford@eecs Staff ERSO flounders, bill Mullally, Kevin 378 Cory Hall 3-6141 kevinm@eecs Staff EECS fraser, eric Mullins, Greg 520 Sutardja Dai H mullins@eecs Staff ERSO flounders, bill Myers, Chris 141 Sutardja Dai H chrismyers@eecs Staff EECS hartmann, bjoern --- Nishiyama, Leslie BWRC 3-3969 leslien@eecs Staff EECS mcauliffe-bauer, deirdre Nonnecke, Brandie Sutardja Dai Hall nonnecke@eecs Staff CITRIS stierwalt, karen --- Odezynskyj, Maria yomaria@erso Staff ERSO jen, cathy Oehlberg, Mark 490 Cory Hall 2-6239 oehlberg@eecs Staff EECS kim, shelley --- Pardoe, Jan 369 Soda Hall 3-7848 janp@eecs Staff EECS fraser, eric Parsell, Christopher Jacobs Hall cparsell@eecs Staff EECS fraser, eric Parsons, Thomas 353 Cory Hall 3-0664 tparsons@erso Research Support ERSO moore, vonis Pearson, Gregory BWRC gpearson@eecs Staff EECS lutz, ken Pennell, Wendy 323 Soda Hall wpennell@eecs Staff EECS fraser, eric Pestal, Danny Sutardja Dai Hall 809-8600 pestal@eecs Staff ERSO flounders, bill Pozdniakova, Elena 642 Davis Hall 2-8156 elenap@erso Staff ERSO jen, cathy Pranawahadi, Farah 631 Davis Hall 3-2612 farah@erso Staff ERSO jen, cathy Pressley, Meg 231 Cory Hall 2-0253 megpressley@eecs Staff EECS williamson, josephine --- Quinonez-Skinner, Miguel 331 Soda Hall mqs@EECS Staff COE pardoe, jan --- Raya, Lydia 205 Cory Hall 2-1786 lraya@EECS Staff EECS williamson, josephine Reardon, Tiffany 203 Cory Hall 2-2357 treardon@eecs Staff EECS williamson, josephine Remick, Carolyn remick@eecs Staff ERSO jen, cathy Ren, Annie 353 Cory Hall 3-9783 annie@ERSO Staff ERSO jen, cathy Rice, Emily Jacobs Hall emilyrice@EECS Staff EECS fraser, eric Richards, Tracey 353 Cory Hall 3-5290 tracey@erso Staff ERSO jen, cathy Richter, Jean M 223 Cory Hall 3-8208 richter@eecs Staff EE williamson, josephine Rivera, Sara 197M Cory Hall 2-9928 sara_rivera@eecs Staff ERSO jen, cathy Rivers, Ryan 520 Sutardja Dai H 809-8627 rdrivers@eecs Staff ERSO flounders, bill Rogers, Erik 386 Cory Hall 643-6138 ejrogers@eecs Staff EECS mullally, kevin Rohrbach, Lars 319 Soda Hall 2-6792 larsrohr@eecs Staff EECS fraser, eric Rohrbough, Larry 391 Cory Hall larryr@eecs Director ERSO sastry, shankar Rose, Myra 353 Cory Hall 3-4185 mrose@erso Staff ERSO jen, cathy Rowinski, Zachary 573 Soda Hall zach@eecs Staff EECS keutzer, kurt Ruff, Adrienne Nano Lab Sutardja 809-8600 adrienne@eecs Staff EECS flounders, bill Runyon, Sarah 3119 Etcheverry Ha sarunyon@EECS Staff Other jen, cathy --- Sadaghiani, Laman 633 Davis Hall 2-1506 lsadaghiani@eecs Staff ERSO jen, cathy Salanio, Shirley Arayon 217 Cory Hall 3-8347 shirley@eecs Staff EECS williamson, josephine Sammons, Julie juliesammons@eecs Staff CITRIS stierwalt, karen Santillan, Matthew 385 Soda Hall 2-7699 msantillan@eecs Staff EECS williamson, josephine Sapp, Aniesha Sutardja Dai Hall aniesha@eecs Staff EECS stierwalt, karen Sari, Alina 124 Blum Hall asari@EECS Staff ERSO jen, cathy Sasson, Michael-David 379 Soda Hall 3-6002 msasson@cs Staff CS kauer, susanne Schwartz, Galina 284 Cory Hall schwartz@eecs Staff EECS sastry, shankar Scott, Stacy Jacobs Hall stacyjoscott@EECS Staff EECS fraser, eric Scott, Steven 520 Sutardja Dai H srscott@EECS Staff ERSO flounders, bill Shackleford, David 253 Cory Hall 3-8763 daves@eecs Staff EECS mcnally, scott Sherman, Pamela Calvin Lab pamela_sherman@ee Staff EECS mason, drew Shibahara, Azusa 306D McLaughlin Ha azusas@eecs Staff ERSO jen, cathy Shiratsuki, Brian K. 315 Soda Hall 3-4005 bks@eecs Staff EECS joseph, anthony Shu, Janet 327 Soda Hall 3-5112 janetshu@eecs Staff EECS fraser, eric Sillers, Audrey 367 Soda Hall 2-9413 araya@eecs Staff EECS williamson, josephine Sitea, Carol 175M Cory Hall 3-7852 sitea@erso Staff ERSO jen, cathy Sklower, Keith 315 Soda Hall 2-9587 sklower@cs Staff ERSO katz, randy Smith, Diana 205 Cory Hall 2-6285 diana.smith@eecs Staff EECS williamson, josephine Song, Nicole O'Brien Hall nsong@eecs Staff ERSO stone, jennifer Spitzer, Joel 199MB Cory Hall jspitzer@erso Staff ERSO jen, cathy Sreekanti, Vikram 487 Soda Hall vikrams@EECS Staff EECS patterson, david Stamos, Anthony 784 Soda Hall 3-2568 astamos@eecs Staff ERSO sitea, carol Stein, Julie 406 Cory Hall 2-4284 jstein@EECS Director EECS gomez, yovana Stewart, Mary P 3-7731 marys@eecs Staff ERSO brayton, robert Stierwalt, Karen 330 Sutardja Dai H 2-1384 karenst@eecs Staff CITRIS stierwalt, karen Stone, Jennifer O'Brien Hall 3-8833 jstone@erso Deputy Director ERSO jen, cathy Subramanian, Yvette 356C Sutardja Dai 3-4866 yvette@eecs Staff CITRIS stierwalt, karen Sun, Michael 205 Cory Hall 3-8107 msun86@eecs Staff EECS williamson, josephine --- Tabor, Aimee 337 Cory Hall aimeet@eecs Staff EECS rohrbough, larry Taherian, Khossrov 330F Sutardja Dai 3-7962 khossrov@eecs Staff CITRIS stierwalt, karen Tam, Judy 130 Calvin Lab 2-9575 jtam@erso Research Support ERSO doyle, jane Tcheng, Breanne 205 Cory Hall 3-8107 btcheng@eecs Staff EECS williamson, josephine Thao, Karla 253 Cory Hall kthao012@EECS Staff EECS williamson, josephine Thao, Kha 395 Soda Hall 2-0954 kthao88@eecs Staff EECS williamson, josephine Tsubamoto, Miyoko 231 Cory Hall 3-6685 miyoko@eecs Staff EECS williamson, josephine Turner, Tracy 454 Sutardja Dai H tallen@eecs Staff BECI wright, paul k. --- Unger-Lee, Dorothee 108 Calvin Lab doro@eecs Staff EECS karp, richard --- Van Nostrand, Sarah 205 Cory Hall 664-7181 svannostrand@eecs Staff EECS williamson, josephine Venasithamby, Pathma 323 Soda Hall 2-7938 pathma@eecs Staff EECS rohrbach, lars Viray, Rene 2113 Etcheverry H 3-0783 rene@eecs Staff EECS fraser, eric Voros, Katalin 2-2911 voros@eecs Staff EECS voros, katalin --- Weaver, Cathy 197M Cory Hall 2-4925 clweaver@erso Staff ERSO jen, cathy Weekley, Cynthia O'Brien Hall 3-8423 cweekley@erso Staff ERSO jen, cathy Werthimer, Dan BWRC danw@eecs Staff BWRC werthimer, dan Williams, Winthrop 377 Cory Hall 3-8757 winthrop@eecs Staff EECS law, katherina Williamson, Josephine 383 Soda Hall 502-5359 youngran@eecs Staff EECS spanos, costas Winter, Carolyn 337F Cory Hall cawinter@eecs Staff EECS sastry, shankar Wolfe, Lara 426 Sutardja Dai H (510) 495 35 lwolfe@EECS Staff BCNM niemeyer, greg Wolpe, Matt Jacobs Hall mwolpe@eecs Staff EECS gottbrath, joseph Wong, Henry 684 Soda Hall 642-9579 henryw@eecs Staff ERSO jen, cathy Wong, Ming 377 Cory Hall 3-2954 ming@eecs Staff EECS law, katherina --- Yang, Kun 727 Soda Hall kelwin@EECS Staff EECS song, xiaodong Yasenchok, Victoria D. 193M Cory Hall vickyas@erso Research Support ERSO jen, cathy Yuen, Jo 552 Sutardja Dai H 4-4439 joyuen@eecs Staff EECS yablonovitch, eli --- Zarkovich, Boban 465A Soda Hall 3-0264 boban@eecs Staff EECS atchley, kattt Zhang, Lily 379 Soda Hall 510-664-4436 lilyz@eecs Staff EECS williamson, josephine

Rooms, Services and Organizations

Administration (CS) 387 Soda Hall 2-1042 service CS , Administration (EE) 253 Cory Hall 2-3214 253cory@eecs service EE , Advising, Grads CS (Current) 337 Soda Hall 2-9413 service CS , Advising, L&S UG 377 Soda Hall 2-7214 peer@cs service CS , Advising, Undergrad (EECS) 205 Cory Hall 2-7372 service EECS , Audio Visual Services 377 Cory Hall 3-0843 law@eecs service EECS , --- BGESS 282 Cory Hall 3-2026 bgess@eecs organization EECS , --- CSUA 337 Soda Hall 2-7453 csua@cs organization CS , Card Keys 253 Cory Hall 2-1527 service EECS , Center for Student Affairs 205 Cory Hall 2-3694 organization EECS , Class Scheduling (CS) 379 Soda Hall 3-6002 msasson@cs service CS , Class Scheduling (EE) 205 Cory Hall 2-7372 jbullock@eecs service EE , Computer Science Division 387 Soda Hall 2-1042 service CS , Computing Helpdesk, Cory 395 Cory Hall 2-7777 service EECS , --- Director of Diversity 203 Cory Hall 3-1974 humphrys@eecs service EE , Director, ICSI 635 ICSI 3-9153 service CS , --- EE Main Office 231 Cory Hall 2-3214 231cory@eecs service EE , Electronics Support Group 380 Cory Hall 847-4448 room EE , Engineering Development Offi 208 McLaughlin Hal 2-2487 service EE , Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) 290 Cory Hall 2-7346 hkn@khn organization EECS , Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) 345 Soda Hall 2-9952 hkn@hkn organization EECS , --- Graduate Matters 205 Cory Hall 2-3068 gradadm@eecs service EECS , --- Industrial Relations 231 Cory Hall 3-8167 service EECS , --- Machine Room (165 Cory) 165 Cory Hall 2-7939 room EECS , Machine Room (287 Soda) 287 Soda Hall 2-9347 room EECS , Machine Room (288 Soda) 288 Soda Hall 2-9362 room EECS , Machine Room (290 Soda) 290 Soda Hall 2-9380 room EECS , Machine Room (340 Soda) 340 Soda Hall 2-8202 room EECS , Machine Room (420 A Soda) 420 A Soda Hall 3-0943 room EECS , Machine Room (530 Soda) 530 Soda Hall 2-8952 room EECS , Mgmt. Services Officer (CS) 383 Soda Hall 502-5359 youngran@cs service CS , Mgmt. Services Officer (EE) 231 Cory Hall 502-5359 youngran@eecs service EE , --- Payroll, Staff 339 Soda Hall 2-0544 payroll@eecs service EECS , Personnel Matters, CS Facult 381 Soda Hall 3-6618 zaller@cs service CS , Personnel Matters, EE Facult 223 Cory Hall 3-8208 richter@eecs service EE , Personnel Matters, Staff 383 Soda Hall 502-5359 youngran@eecs service EECS , Purchasing/Accounting Staff 375 Soda Hall 2-6991 service EECS , --- Receiving (CS) 190 Soda Hall 2-9626 receiving@eecs service CS , Receiving (EE) 266 Sutardja Dai H 664-4314 receiving@eecs service EE , Room Reservations 253 Cory Hall service EE , Room Reservations - Moore 286 Cory Hall ucsee@eecs service EE , --- Self-Pace Center 200A Sutardja Dai selfpace@cs service CS , --- T.A. Consulting Area 283 Soda Hall 2-7021 room CS , --- Undergrad Advising (CS) 377 Soda Hall 2-7214 bhtower@cs service CS , Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE) 346 Soda Hall 2-9952 upe@upe organization CS , --- Vending Machines 338 Soda Hall service EECS , Visiting Industrial Fellow I 231 Cory Hall 3-6693 rschafer@eecs service EE , Visiting Scholar Info. (CS) 253 Cory Hall 3-4976 rosita@eecs service CS , Visiting Scholar Info. (EE) 280 Cory Hall 2-3497 heather@eecs service EE ,

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