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   EECS Organizational Chart
   Director of Operations
   Administrative Support    External Relations Group (XRG)
   Center for Student Affairs    Faculty and Course Support
   Engineering and Facilities    Computer Support

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If not specified, the area code for the phone numbers below is (510). You can prepend the exchange 64 to all 5-digit phone numbers (e.g. 2-5001 becomes 642-5001).

Director of Operations

Josephine Williamson

383 Soda, 502-5359 youngran@eecs

Oversees all operational and administrative functions within the EECS Department. Responsible for providing leadership, planning, and management direction to the department's administrative units, including short and long-range budget/financial planning, personnel management and business services.

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Cory Hall Administrative Support – EECS Main Office

EECS Department Front Desk Coordinator

Karla Thao

253 Cory Hall, 642-3214, eecsoffice@eecs

EE Textbook orders, EE grades (including incompletes), EE TA library, approves changes to EE faculty database, parking reservations and permit applications; any miscellaneous questions/problems.

Assistant to the EECS Department Chair / EE Division Chair

Meg Pressley

231B Cory, 642-0253, megpressley@eecs

Manages Chair's calendar and assists in Chair's office

Cory Hall Room Reservations

Lydia Raya

205 Cory, 642-1786

Cory Hall room reservations. Instructions for making Cory and Soda Hall Room Reservations

EE Seminar Posting Approval

Send questions to eecs-announce-request@eecs
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Soda Hall Administrative Support – CS Main Office

CS Division Front Desk Coordinator

Laura Greenfield

387 Soda, 642-1042, csoffice@cs

Distributes mail, bldg/office keys and cardkeys; reserves audio-visual equipment, calls in temporary parking permits; provides general information and referrals.

Assistant to the EECS Department Associate Chair / CS Division Chair

Matthew Santillan

385 Soda, 642-7699, msantillan@eecs

Manages Associate Chair's calendar and assists in Associate Chair's office

Soda Hall Room Reservations

Michael-David Sasson

379 Soda, 643-6002

Soda Hall room reservations. Instructions for making Cory and Soda Hall Room Reservations.

CS Seminar Posting Approval

Send questions to eecs-announce-request@eecs
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Accounts and Purchasing

Send general accounting inquiries to accounting@eecs

Financial Services Managers

Gabe Chang

375 Soda, 642-1390, gabe@eecs

Accounting staff supervisor. Oversees EECS faculty funds, cash and procurement card management, and XRG accounting activities. Lead resource for all campus financial systems including BearBuy, T&E, BFS, etc.

Caitlin Dey-Ward

313 Soda, 643-5383, caitlin@eecs

Manages department operational funds including accounting activities for the Space Planning group, ESG, and various administrative groups. Oversees all IRIS computing account setup/recharge billing and financial/accounting needs for IRIS including ISG.

Purchasing / Expense Processing Assistants

Purchasing/Reimbursements - Kha Thao

375 Soda, 642-0954, kthao88@eecs

General accounting.

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Payroll and Benefits

Send general payroll inquiries to payroll@eecs

HR/Payroll CSS Liaison Coordinator - Rebecca Davis

397 Soda, rfrazier@eecs

Coordinates departmental HR/payroll matters, staff hires, recruitment in TAM, and student on-boarding; consults on accounting projects.

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Academic Personnel

Academic Personnel Managers

Faculty, visiting faculty, and Lecturer appointments & promotions; visas, pay rates and dates; benefits; sabbatical leave eligibility; University academic personnel rules and procedures.

EE – Jean Richter

223 Cory, 643-8208, richter@eecs

CS – Julia Flinker

381 Soda, 643-6618, jflinker@eecs

EECS Visiting Scholar and Postdoctoral Fellow Appointment (VSPA) Assistants

Alex Burr

253 Cory Hall, 642-2384

Coordinate VSPA approvals with Space and Facilities group and ERSO/CSS HR team. The ERSO/CSS HR team will continue to process all required paperwork for VSPAs and Meg and Matt will only coordinate approvals for VSPA request forms with the Chairs. Questions related to VSPA intake/Chair approvals should be sent to eecs-visitor-coordinator@eecs.

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Class Scheduling

Scheduling Assistants

Course schedules, classroom assignments, student statistics, Reader and Teaching Assistant assignments, Heaven Points.

EE – Lydia Raya

205 Cory, 642-1786, lraya@eecs

CS – Michael-David Sasson

379 Soda, 643-6002, msasson@cs

Room Reservations

Instructions for making Cory and Soda Hall Room Reservations.

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External Relations Group (XRG)

Formerly the Industrial Relations Office (IRO)

Development Coordinators

Jenny Jones

231 Cory Hall, 643-0855, jennyj@eecs

Information session and recruiting, and EECS special events.

Atalie Chan

231 Cory Hall, 643-6850, acchan@eecs

Information session and recruiting, and EECS special events.

Senior Editor / Web Content Development

Miyoko Tsubamoto

231A Cory Hall, 643-6685, miyoko@eecs

Department webpage content / design. EECS Colloquium coordinator. EECS publications: Research Summaries, Graduate Resume Directory, etc.

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Director of Student Affairs

Susanne Kauer

221 Cory, 642-3694, skauer@eecs

Provides general office oversight for the Center for Student Affairs (CSA). Implements the EECS undergraduate & graduate programs; manages and supervises the academic advising and personal counseling of EECS undergraduate & graduate students. EECS Excellence & Diversity Student Programs supervisor; Student Organization Liaison; Pre-Graduate Advising; Tutoring Referrals.

Center for Student Affairs

Individual administrative assistance for graduate and undergraduate students.

  Graduate Admissions information is available online at the Graduate Admissions web site

Associate Director for Graduate Matters

Shirley Salanio

217 Cory, 643-8347, shirley@eecs

Manages the Graduate Office staff.

Designated Emphasis Coordinator

Audrey Sillers

367 Soda, 642-9413, araya@eecs

Graduate Admissions Coordinators

EE – Patrick Hernan

205 Cory Hall, 642-9265, hernan@eecs

EE graduate admissions; EE GSI assignments; upper division and graduate CS GSI assignments.

CS - Diana Smith

205 Cory Hall, 642-6285, diana.smith@eecs

CS graduate admissions; admissions database; lower division CS GSI assignments; student support.

Staff Graduate Advisors

Continuing student matters; advising and policy/procedure interpretation; evaluate and monitor student progress; coordinate preliminary exams and student review process; information management; administrative support and special projects.

EE – Shirley Salanio

217 Cory, 643-8347, shirley@eecs

CS – Audrey Sillers

367 Soda, 642-9413, araya@eecs

M.Eng. and MAS-IC – Michael Sun

205 Cory, 643-8107, msun86@eecs

EE Graduate Matters and CSA Special Projects

Heather Levien

253 Cory, 642-3497, heather@eecs

Associate Director for EECS Undergraduate Matters

Sarah Van Nostrand

203 Cory, 664-7181, svannostrand@eecs   Book an Appointment

Oversees EECS undergraduate policy and program administration, advises and counsel current and prospective students on program planning and course selection, advises prospective and intended students on the admission process, liaises between the Vice Chair of Undergraduate Matters and the undergraduate population.

EECS Undergraduate Student Affairs Officers

Advising and referral for EECS undergraduates and prospective students.

Lydia Raya

205 Cory, 642-1786, lraya@eecs   Book an Appointment

Undergraduate Student Handbook, prospective student advising, CS Education Day.

Dahlia Case / Nicole McIntyre

205 Cory, 642-7372, dahliacase@eecs / nicolemcintyre@eecs   Book an Appointment

Undergraduate Research Programs; Faculty and Peer Advising; EECS Undergraduate Handbook; Honors Program; Outreach Coordination; EECS Minor.

Reader/Tutor Assignments

Nicole McIntyre

205 Cory, 642-7372, nicolemcintyre@eecs

EE Reader/Tutor assignments

Rebecca Davis

397 Soda, 642-0544, rfrazier@eecs

CS Reader assignments except CS 61A and CS 70.

Peter Marchetti

253 Cory, 643-4976, pmarchetti@eecs

CS 61A Reader/Tutor Assignments

Alex Burr

253 Cory Hall, 642-2384, ahburr@eecs

CS 70 Reader/Tutor Assignments

Associate Director of CS Undergraduate Matters

Christopher Hunn

377 Soda, 642-7214, cs-advising@cs   Book an Appointment

CS advising; undergraduate awards and scholarships; L&S College Exceptions and Signatures.

L&S Computer Science Advisors

CS Advising offers one-on-one advising to all current and prospective Computer Science majors. There are two types of student advising offered jointly by the Computer Science Division: advising by staff and advising by faculty.

Lily Zhang

379 Soda, 664-4436 cs-advising@cs   Book an Appointment

Academic advising, program planning, degree checks and audits, course selection, and prospective and intended student advising.

Charlene Hughes - CS Scholars Program Coordinator

203 Cory, 2-2357 cs-advising@cs  

Primary contact for the Computer Science Scholars Program; advises and counsels prospective, intended, and current students.

Associate Director for EECS Diversity and Achievement

Tiffany Reardon

231c Cory Hall, 642-2357, treardon@eecs

Point person for student diversity issues and primary contact for the Summer Undergraduate Program in Engineering Research at Berkeley - Information Technology for Sustainability (SUPERB-ITS). Tiffany's appointment is split equally between EECS and the College of Engineering, where she serves as an Academic Achievement Coordinator.

Self-Paced Center Manager

Carol Marshall

200A Sutardja Dai Hall, carolm@eecs

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Faculty and Course Support

Course Support Manager

Heather Levien

253 Cory, 642-3497, heather@eecs

Course support manager.

Faculty Support

EE - Alex Burr

253 Cory Hall, 642-2384, eecs-course-support@eecs

Faculty course material support/copying services, primarily for EE.

CS - Peter Marchetti

253 Cory Hall, 643-4976, eecs-course-support@eecs

Faculty course material support/copying services, primarily for CS.

Course Textbook Adoption and Instructional Library

EE - Karla Thao

253 Cory Hall, 642-3214, eecs-course-support@eecs

CS - Laura Greenfield

387 Soda, 642-1042, eecs-course-support@eecs

eGrade Submission Assistance

EE - Karla Thao

253 Cory Hall, 642-3214, eecs-course-support@eecs

CS - Peter Marchetti

253 Cory, 643-4976, eecs-course-support@eecs

Faculty Awards Coordinator

Peter Marchetti

253 Cory, 643-4976, pmarchetti@eecs

Faculty award cases and special projects.

Instructional Computing

Computer support for EECS classes; Instructional computer accounts, with email; Instructional web sites for students and courses.

Instructional Support Group (ISG)

378, 384 & 386 Cory, 333 Soda,
643-6141, 642-9543, inst@eecs

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Engineering and Facilities

Director of Space Planning and Facilities

Scott McNally

253 Cory Hall, 510-917-3511, mcnally@eecs

Engineering Services Group (ESG)

  Engineering support for Cory Hall instructional labs.

ESG Manager – Katherina Law

380 Cory, 643-0843, law@eecs

Eric Arvai - Senior Producer/AV/IT Engineer

377 Cory, 642-6953, earvai@berkeley

Primarily responsible for online lecture capturing and AV support for the department.

Pete Caragher – Electronics Technician

377 Cory, 642-6929, pete@eecs

Primarily responsible for Cory AV operations, including installation, maintenance, repairs and support of instructional labs in 140 Cory.

Ming Wong – Development Technician

377 Cory, 643-2954, ming@eecs

AV operations in Soda, along with AV design and support for instructional labs in 218 and 353 Cory.

Winthrop Williams – Research & Development Engineer

377 Cory, 643-8757, winthrop@eecs

Primarily responsible for development and support instructional labs in 111, 204, and 218 Cory.

Cory Hall Facilities Specialist

Sunit Mody

253A Cory, 642-1468, sunitm@eecs

Cory Hall building problems (heating, ventilation, needed repairs, etc.), safety and security issues.

Soda Hall Building Manager

Chris DelliGatti

393 Soda, 643-6619, delligatti@eecs

Office assignments for Soda Hall; Soda Hall safety and security, building maintenance and repairs; phone orders and repairs.

Key/Cardkey Assistant

Laura Greenfield

387 Soda, 642-1042, keys@eecs

Issues keys and electronic cardkeys for Cory and Soda Halls. Handles cardkey problems.

Copy Card Assistant

Alex Burr

253 Cory Hall, 642-2384, ahburr@eecs

Issues copy cards for Cory and Soda Halls. Handles copy card problems.

Development Technician

David Shackleford

253 Cory, 643-8763, daves@eecs

Electrical work; instructional lab support.

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Audio/Visual Support (A/V)

A/V support is provided by the Electronic Support Group (ESG) in 377 Cory Hall.

To file a request for departmental A/V work, e-mail:

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Department Computer Support

Instructional and Research Information Systems (IRIS)

Computer support for the department staff listed on this page is provided by ACG (see below). All other members of the department should visit the IRIS website and locate the appropriate group for their computing needs. The groups that comprise IRIS are:

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Administrative Computing Group (ACG)

Computer support, databases, printers, web applications, and other online services used by the departmental administration (the staff listed on this page only).

Jan Pardoe – Manager

369 Soda, 643-7848, janp@eecs

Management of EECS administrative computing infrastructure; desktop, server, and web server administration; database design and programming.

Maggie Crowley – Internet Information Resources and Desktop Support

388 Cory, 642-6745, maggie@eecs

EECS Department and CS Division home page support, desktop system administration, administrative support.

John Keller – Database Programming and Administration

321 Soda, 642-9435, jkeller@eecs

Creation and maintenance of departmental database-backed web applications, database design and administration.

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