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You will need an account to make Cory and Soda room reservations. If you are a member of the Berkeley campus community but do not have an account, you will need to create a bApps account.

EECS department rooms in Soda and Cory are only available for EECS and other COE community events and cannot be reserved by members of the broader campus community.

Reserve Rooms

Your proposed event will appear on the room calendar but THE BOOKING WILL NOT BE COMPLETE UNTIL YOU RECEIVE EMAIL FROM THE ROOM SCHEDULER APPROVING YOUR EVENT. The confirmation e-mail will be sent to your email address.

If your event will be in the evening or over a weekend, please check out any necessary keys from 205 Cory Hall (Cory rooms) or 387 Soda Hall (Soda rooms) before 4pm the weekday of or before the event. In any event, please return furniture to its original lay out and as much as possible leave the room the way you found it (i.e., wipe down tables, throw away trash, etc.).

View Room Schedules (optional)

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Rooms cannot be booked from these links. You must book rooms from your own calendar. When you use the instructions provided above to reserve a room, you will only be shown rooms which are available during your time slot, so you do not need to view the room calendars separately. However, viewing room calendars can be useful when choosing a time slot for your event if you have a particular meeting room in mind.

Please note: There is a bug in bCal that occasionally results in the calendars linked above to appear blank, as if there are no events. If this happens to you, you can see the event details for a room by following these steps:

  1. Click the arrow to the RIGHT of "Other Calendars".
  2. Select "Browse Interesting Calendars"
  3. Click the "More" tab
  4. Click "Resources for"
  5. Look (scroll down) for the building you wish, e.g. "Cory 212 (20)," and click on that
  6. Find the room you wish to view and click the "Subscribe" button
  7. The calendar will now appear in the "Other Calendars" listing on the lower left-hand side of the main Google Calendar screen.

Small Cory Rooms (capacity: 6-14)

Cory 258 (10)
Cory 367 (12)
Cory 504 (14)
Cory 557 (8)

Medium Cory Rooms (capacity: 20-55)

Cory 212 (20)
Cory 400 - Hughes Room (25)
Cory 521 - Hogan Room (30-52)
Cory 531 - Wang Room (20)
Cory 540AB - DOP Center Room (55)

Large Cory Spaces (capacity: 100-150)

Cory Courtyard (143)

Cory Classrooms (capacity: 25-30)

Cory 293 (30)
Cory 299 (25)

Very Small Soda Rooms (capacity: 3-4)

Soda 732 (3)
Soda 734 (4)

Soda Alcoves (capacity: 5-15)

Soda 283E (10)
Soda 283H (5)
Soda 341A (15)
Soda 341B (15)
Soda 411 (15)
Soda 611 (15)
Soda 651 (10)

Small Soda Rooms (capacity: 15-24)

Soda 373 (20)
Soda 511 (15)
Soda 606 (24)

Medium Soda Rooms (capacity: 30-45)

Soda 310 (45)
Soda 320 (30)
Soda 380 (35)
Soda 405 (40)

Large Soda Rooms (capacity: 100)

Soda 306 - HP Auditorium (98)
Soda 430-438 - The Wozniak Lounge (100)

Other Spaces in Soda

Soda 500 - Atrium (40)

Room and Building Information / AV Services

Layout and Amenities

While AV equipment is regularly checked and maintained by staff, the actual running of the event is the user's responsibility. To minimize problems, and prior to your event, please familiarize yourself with the operation of AV equipment you plan to use.

Building Policies

Policies regarding spaces in Soda Hall

Building Accessibility

Cory Hall Campus Access Guide (CAG)
Soda Hall Campus Access Guide (CAG)

Other Rooms in Cory Hall

Rooms in Other Buildings

Map of Northeast Campus Buildings