Research Projects

Bespoke Coils: Flexible and conforming MRI coil arrays using printed electronics technology

Michael Lustig, Ana Claudia Arias, Joseph Corea, Anita Flynn1 and Greig Scott2

Intel Gift, Hellman Family Fund and National Institute of Health R21EB015628

While arrays of MRI coils can improve SNR and speed up acquisition time over single coils, most arrays today have a rigid structure, resulting in a poor fit and counteracting potential SNR gains. MRI resonant coil design has not kept pace with the new field of printed electronics which can pattern components directly on flexible substrates. In this project will extend these new techniques to print clothlike-MRI coils which will drape conformly over different body shapes, thus improving image quality for a wide patient base.

Figure 1
Figure 1: (a) Mesh substrates fit snugly around a child’s torso or knee. (b) The same coil fabric drapes an adult torso and knee. Bottom right: Mesh cloth wraps awkward geometry such as an ankle. (c) Initial flexible printed surface coil using screen printing with silver ink on a mesh. (d) We envision cloth-like flexible coils, which can either attach to clothing or form a tailored shirt for a tight fit for superior SNR.

1UC Berkeley
2Stanford University