Research Projects

Tools for the Analysis and Design of Complex Multi-Scale Networks (ADCN)

Jean Walrand, Venkat Anantharam, Avideh Zakhor, John Doyle1, Steven Low2, R. Srikant3, Don Towsley4, Weibo Gong5, Assane Gueye and Vijay Kamble

Army Research Office W911NF-08-1-0233

Wireless networks suffer from severe performance limitations and security shortcoming. One says that in wireless ad hoc networks, “three hops = zero throughput.” After decades of research and thousands of papers on the topic, there are almost no ad hoc networks in use today. The commercial mesh networks have been failures. The military networks do not work satisfactorily. Security and energy consumption remain major concerns. The goals of this project are to understand the multi-scale features of networks and to use that understanding to develop improved protocols.

4UMASS, Amherst
5UMASS, Amherst

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