Research Projects

Fully Integrated Phased Array 60GHz Transceiver


Cristian Marcu, Maryam Tabesh, JiaShu Chen, Lingkai Kong, Elad Alon and Ali Niknejad

The 60GHz band has become very popular due to the large bandwidth available. Robust communication at these frequencies, however, requires a phased array transceiver to overcome path loss and to reduce the effect of interferers. This research focuses on the design of a fully integrated low power 60GHz phased-array transceiver and aims to uncover the key design techniques and challenges in implementing such a transceiver with high energy efficiency. A baseband phase shifting architecture was selected since it can provide flexibility and scalability without a penalty on power consumption as compared to a more traditional RF phase shifting architecture. A prototype 4-element transceiver utilizing baseband phase shifting was implemented in 65nm CMOS (Fig. 1) [1]. This prototype includes transmit and receive elements, as well as LO generation and distribution and achieved lower per element power consumption while meeting or exceeding previously published performance metrics. Future work will focus on further integration of additional baseband processing and calibration.

M. Tabesh, J. Chen, C. Marcu, L. Kong, S. Kang, E. Alon, A. Niknejad, "A 65nm CMOS 4-Element Sub-34mW/Element 60GHz Phased-Array Transceiver," IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference, Feb. 2011.