Research Projects

Distributed MIMO for Cooperative Cognitive Radio Networks


Borivoje Nikolic

Advances in information theory for multiple antenna (MIMO) communication systems indicate that cooperation between radios to form MIMO terminals can yield in higher spectral efficiency of cognitive radios. Our goal is to design efficient system architectures to exploit these distributed MIMO performance gains. We focus our attention on the simplest relay channel scenario with two cooperating mobile terminals communicating with a multiple antenna receiver. It has been shown in literature that “quantize-and-map” relaying can achieve performance very close to information theoretic bounds for the relay channel. In this project we are designing specialized LDPC codes for "quantize and map" to realize cooperation gains in practice.

V. Nagpal, S. Pawar, D. Tse and B. Nikolic, "Cooperative Multiplexing in the Half-Duplex Multiple Antenna Relay Channel", ISIT 2009
V. Nagpal, I-H. Wang, M. Jorgovanovic, D. Tse, B. Nikolic, "Quntize-Map-and-Forward : Coding and Signal Design", Allerton 2010