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The software is made publicly available for the purpose of advancing research in computer vision and related machine learning areas. It may be modified and redistributed under the terms of the

GNU General Public License.

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User program
example.m : an example on ncuts for image segmentation

Graph cuts
imncut.m : master program on ncuts for image segmentation
cncut.m : constrained ncuts with attraction, repulsion and regularization
getbinsol.m : get a discrete partitioning from eigensolutions
pargrp.m : generate a constraint matrix from partial grouping cues
barqpqz.c : projection formula used in cncut

Image feature extraction
ic.c : compute intervening contours
quadeg.m : edge extractions through quadrature filters
make_filterbank_even2.m : make even-phase filters
make_filterbank_odd2.m : make odd-phase filters
doog1.m : 1D difference of Gaussian
doog2.m : 2D difference of Gaussian
fft_filt_2.m : filtering by FFT
gaussian.m : Gaussian function

Sampling and speed up
imnb.c : pixel pairs in a local window
csparse.c : generate a sparse matrix from C-index representation
spmd.c : sparse matrix times diagonal matrices
parmatV.c : binary partition matrix times a real matrix

135069.jpg : from Berkeley image dataset, 160 x 240

These programs incorporate new developments on spectral graph partitioning as described in the following thesis:

Computational Models of Perceptual Organization
Stella X. Yu, May 2003, Carnegie Mellon University

except Chapter 4 where Hermitian matrices are used.
However, they can be extended by modifying related c functions to deal with imaginary number multiplications.

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