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2010 Research Summary

Nanoscale Architecture for Coherent Hyper-Optic Sources (NACHOS)

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Eli Yablonovitch, Yueming Qiu1, Oskar J. Painter2 and Axel Schrerer3

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

Nanoscale lasers will enable close integration of photonic and electronic devices needed in emerging high-speed processing-intense computing and communication platforms. In addition to reduced size, these lasers are expected to be power efficient and offer unprecedented modulation bandwidth. New capabilities, such as the ability to place large numbers of lasers on silicon chips, will be enabled by these devices. The objective of the NACHOS program is to demonstrate subwavelength semiconductor lasers by combining media with reduced dimensionality and advanced feedback concepts. The specific program goal is to demonstrate injection lasers operating CW at room temperature with cavity dimensions smaller than the vacuum wavelength of light they generate, wavelength < 1.5 microns.

1California Institute of Technology
2California Institute of Technology
3California Institute of Technology