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2010 Research Summary

Connectivity Patterns in Sensor-studded Smart Materials

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Carlo H. Séquin

National Science Foundation

In this project we plan to study the effectiveness and reliability of the communications network for various 3D arrangements of sensor motes in future smart materials. We will focus on networks generated by regular 3D lattice arrangements of motes in a homogeneous medium, where every neighboring pair of motes has a probability of successfully establishing a working communications link that depends most strongly on the distance between the two motes. We will primarily compare networks with different numbers of nearest neighbors (NN) – from the triamond lattice (3NN), through the diamond lattice (4NN) and various cubic lattices (6NN), to the densest sphere packing (12NN). For each case we will study how the extra number of nearest neighbors allows us to use pair-wise links with a higher probability of failure. We then analyze and compare the performances of the various networks to find out how we can get the most reliable, dense coverage with the fewest number of embedded motes.