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2010 Research Summary

Quantum Entanglement Science & Technology (QuEST)

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Eli Yablonovitch, Irfan Siddiqui1 and H.W. Jiang2

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

The goal of the QuEST project is to wire up quantum circuits with electrical wires. A practical quantum information processor should rely on the established method of electrical wires for on-chip communication. It should not rely on unscalable nearest-neighbor coupling between qubits, and while optical communication is a possibility, it is more well-suited for long-distance quantum communication as integrated optical technology is still far behind integrated electrical technology. We plan to strongly couple arbitrary qubits to metal wires using sophisticated resonators, or zero-point voltage “generators”, that far outperform standard transmission line resonators typically used for this task.

1UC Berkeley Physics Department
2UCLA Physics Department