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2010 Research Summary

Connectivity Brokerage: From Coexistence to Collaboration

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Jan M. Rabaey, Adam Wolisz, Arash Parsa, Ali Ozer Ercan1, Fred Burghardt2, Alvaro Araujo3, Pedro Malagon4 and Samah Mustafa5

Gigascale Systems Research Center, National Science Foundation Infrastructure Grant No. 0403427 and Multi Scale Systems Center (MuSyC)

The explosive growth in the density of wirelessly connected devices and their traffic load is creating interference and gradually leading to a severe spectrum shortage. Approaches to address this challenge include dynamic spectrum allocation (cognitive radio) and pro-active interference mitigation strategies requiring coordination between heterogeneous networking technologies. In this project we are investigating and developing a modular and scalable methodology and architecture, called Connectivity Brokerage, that enables pro-active co-existence and collaboration between diverse technologies, making joint optimization of the scarce spectrum resources possible.

Figure 1
Figure 1: A high level overview of Connectivity Brokerage architecture sub-components: The Connectivity Agents.

1Ozyegin University, Istanbul, TURKEY
2UC Berkeley
3Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, SPAIN
4Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, SPAIN
5UC Berkeley