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2010 Research Summary

HydroWatch: Studying Water in Motion

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David E. Culler, Jay Taneja, Jaein Jeong, Prabal Dutta, Inez Fung, Todd Dawson and Stephen Dawson-Haggerty

Keck Foundation

The Berkeley HydroWatch project is a multidisciplinary effort that seeks to better understand aspects of the hydrological cycle by instrumenting two large watersheds in Northern California with hundreds of sensors of six different types including climate (temperature, humidity, pressure, total solar radiation, and photosynthetically active radiation), soil moisture, tree sap flow, weather (wind vector and precipitation intensity, duration, and accumulation), snow depth, and water ion concentration. This project provides a platform to evaluate new hardware and software architectures for large-scale sensornets and explore specific design issues like solar energy harvesting, climatic effects on network links, and low-power data collection.