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2010 Research Summary

Electrically Detected Magnetic Resonance of Neutral Antimony Donors in Silicon FETs

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Cheuk Chi Lo and Jeffrey Bokor

National Science Foundation and Western Instituite of Nanoelectronics

Spin-state read-out for silicon-based quantum computers can be achieved by using field-effect transistor (FET) architectures, with donor atom qubits positioned in the channel of the FET. The donor electron spin states can be detected by exploiting spin-dependent scattering in an electron spin-resonance (ESR) setting. Accumulation mode field-effect transistors have been fabricated for this purpose, and electrically detected magnetic resonance (EDMR) signals have been detected for micron-scale devices. FinFETs built on isotopically enriched 28-Si SOI wafers have also be fabricated and measurements are in progress.

[In collaboration with Dr. Thomas Schenkel (LBL) and Prof. Steve Lyon (Princeton University)]

Figure 1
Figure 1: An accumulation-mode FinFET with 121-Sb channel implants built on isotopically enriched 28-Si SOI.