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2010 Research Summary

Technology and Tools for Computing Educators

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Dan Garcia, James Ide and William Li

ACM Education Council

The goal of this work is to create a website that provides a vast array of ready-for-prime-time technology and tools resources for computing educators to use in their classes. The resources will be divided into two categories: those used in class (on-stage) and those used outside of class (off-stage). They will be further subdivided into large topics, like Course Management Systems, Presentation Software, Curriculum Repositories, etc.

In addition to static links, we will support Web 2.0-style feedback, rating, and user tagging. This will allow educators to share specifically whether a particular tool or technology worked great for them out of the box, needed customization, or just didn't work at all in their environment.

Figure 1
Figure 1: Screenshot of an early draft of our website

UC Teaching, Learning and technology Center (TLtC), http://www.ucop.edu/tltc.
Teach With Technology, http://www.4Teachers.org.