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2010 Research Summary

Distributed MIMO for Cooperative Cognitive Radio Networks

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Vinayak Nagpal and Borivoje Nikolic

Collaborative cognitive radio networks can achieve higher performances by utilizing the spatial dimension efficiently [1]. The importance of the spatial dimension has increased further in light of recent results [2], which have shown that the total capacity of wireless ad hoc dense networks can scale linearly with the number of nodes using intelligent node-cooperation and distributed MIMO. Realizing a practical wireless network that uses spatial diversity through either distributed MIMO or distributed beam-forming poses several challenges, especially those of synchronizing the nodes. We are working towards understanding these challenges and finding ways to address them.

A. S. Y. Poon, "Use of Spatial Dimension for Spectrum Sharing," PhD thesis, UC Berkeley, spring 2004.
A. Ozgur, O. Leveque, and D. Tse, "Hierarchical Cooperation Achieves Optimal Capacity Scaling in Ad Hoc Networks," IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, Issue 10, October 2007.