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2009 Research Summary

ACme: Berkeley Wireless AC Meter/Controller (ACme)

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Xiaofan Fred Jiang and David E. Culler

National Science Foundation

ACme (AC meter) enables wireless energy/power measurements and control of AC devices. This device fills the gap between inexpensive LCD-based watt-meters (e.g., Kill-A-Watt) and expensive networked enterprise energy monitors. ACme uses the ADE7753 energy monitor chip for active, apparent, reactive energy, and power measurements, the SHARP solid-state relay for power switching, and the Berkeley Epic wireless module for communication.

ACme is shown in the picture below. Using our driver, one could easily read out energy and power measurements and control the switch. Combined with the b6loWPAN project, one could access and control the AC appliance from anywhere in the world via IP (UDP).

Figure 1
Figure 1: ACme (rev.A) is used to monitor and control a lamp connected through its plug-through power port.