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2009 Research Summary

A Microsystem for Sensing and Patterning Oxygen Microgradients During Cell Culture

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Michel Maharbiz and Jaehyun Park

This work focuses on developing a microsystem capable of electrochemically patterning dissolved oxygen gradients during cell cultures. Multiple electrodes in an array each generate distinct amounts of dissolved oxygen via electrolysis; these different sources superimpose to generate one- and two-dimensional microgradient profiles not possible with other methods. This is the first technology that enables researchers to pattern localized oxygen doses and program arbitrary oxygen gradients with microscale resolution during cell culture.

Figure 1
Figure 1: Schematic of the oxygen microsystem and cross-section. Oxygen generated at the microelectrodes within the PDMS microchannels diffuses into the cell culture area. Each electrode in the 2D array can be controlled independently. The glass substrate enables inverted fluorescent microscopy of a fluorescent oxygen sensor film (red).