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2009 Research Summary

Understanding the Value of Noisy and Unreliable Feedback

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Anant Sahai and Stark Draper1

National Science Foundation CCF-729122

Feedback is helpful in communication systems to reduce the delays as well as simplify implementation. However, the information-theoretic study of feedback in such contexts has focused almost entirely on perfect noiseless and free feedback. We are extending information theory to address noisy and unreliable feedback to see if the gains are robust.

S. Draper and A. Sahai, "Variable-Length Coding with Noisy Feedback," European Transactions on Telecommunications special issue on New Directions in Information Theory, June 2008.
A. Sahai, "Why Do Block Length and Delay Behave Differently if Feedback is Present?" IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, May 2008, pp. 1860-1886.

1University of Wisconsin, Madison