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2009 Research Summary

Connectivity Brokerage for Reliable Wireless Communications

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Jan M. Rabaey, Ali Ercan1 and Alvaro Araujo2

National Science Foundation Infrastructure Grant No. 0403427 and Gigascale Systems Research Center

Wireless communication systems long have suffered from the reputation of being unreliable due to the dynamic nature of wireless and non-collaborative coexistence schemes of today. This situation can potentially worsen under bandwith and energy constraints, with the growth in wireless that we have been experiencing. Collaboration and cognition (a.k.a opportunistic spectrum access) are promising to enable reliable communications scalable to many radios under energy and bandwith constraints. For the practical implementation of these ideas, we proposed a "connectivity broker" (CB) functionality. We are designing a software architecture and a test bed for the implementation of this functionality. The CB architecture is depicted in Figure 1. It provides an abstraction layer between the applications and the layers of the network stack. The connectivity, security, multi-radio resource, and network profiles managers gather the information about the neighbors, application requirements, available resources, and policies, and pass this information to the network composition manager, where the decisions are taken for reliable communications and optimal resource utilization.

Figure 1
Figure 1: Connectivity broker architecture

1UC Berkeley
2UC Berkeley