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2009 Research Summary

Tunneling Field Effect Transistors

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Peter Matheu1, Reinaldo Vega, Chenming Hu, Tsu-Jae King Liu, Anupama Bowonder and Kanghoon Jeon

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

An overall goal of this research is to fabricate a tunneling transistor with a low sub-threshold slope, or steep turn-on characteristics, for low power electronics. TFETs rely on tunneling current for channel carrier injection instead of traditional thermal injection which is limited to a minimum slope of 60 mV/decade. Conventional power supply scaling has slowed in recent years due to the difficulties involved with threshold voltage scaling specifically related to the off current (or leakage) of the transistor. Band-to-band tunneling based transistors should exhibit a low leakage current and allow for threshold voltage scaling in conjunction with power supply scaling. Semiconductor device simulations suggest that an abrupt junction doping profile is necessary for adequate TFET performance. Our design utilizes unique fabrication methods for an abrupt junction formation as an alternative to established planar processing techniques while still allowing for integration with industry standard practices.

1Applied Science & Technology Graduate Group