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2009 Research Summary

Berkeley Benchmarking and Optimization Group (BeBop)

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Katherine A. Yelick, James Demmel, Ankit Jain, Rajesh Nishtala, Vasily Volkov, Mark Frederick Hoemmen, Samuel Webb Williams, Karl Feurlinger, David Skinner1 and Rich Vuduc2

National Science Foundation, Department of Energy and Intel

The BeBOP group is broadly interested in understanding software performance tuning issues, and the interaction or implications for hardware design. Among our general interests are:

  • the interaction between application software, compilers, and hardware;
  • managing tradeoffs among the various measures of performance, such as speed, accuracy, power, storage, etc.;
  • automating the performance tuning process, starting with the computational kernels which dominate application performance in scientific computing and information retrieval; and
  • performance modeling and evaluation of future computer architectures.

2Georgia Tech