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2009 Research Summary

Accountable Internet Protocol (AIP)

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David Andersen, Hari Balakrishnan, Nick Feamster, Teemu Koponen, Daekyeong Moon and Scott Shenker

National Science Foundation 0205519, 0225660, 0716342, and 0520241

Today's IP network layer provides little to no protection against misconfiguration or malice. In this research, we show how a network layer based on cryptographically self-certifying addresses can effectively identify and thwart misconfigurations and attacks such as address spoofing, DoS attack, and control-plane hijacking. In addition, the current routing infrastructure fails to identify and utilize a fail-over path to an end host even if the host is multihomed. We show how a network address structure that explicitly encodes multihoming information can improve the network availability.