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2009 Research Summary

Cooperation Among Cognitive Radios

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Mubaraq Mishra, Anant Sahai and Robert W. Brodersen

National Science Foundation CNS-403427, ANI-326503 and C2S2

Cooperation between cognitive radios is necessary to alleviate the sensitivity requirements on individual radios. Naïve cooperation techniques (hard decisions with an OR combining rule) are simple to implement but are not necessarily optimal. In this project we examine various cooperation techniques and compare their performance using a simple methodology [1]. We also examine the regimes where the choice of cooperation techniques actually matters. These techniques shall also be evaluated experimentally on a test-bed consisting of multiple ultra-wideband (UWB) radios capable of sensing large swathes of spectrum and connected to the Berkeley Emulation Engine (BEE2).

S. M. Mishra and R. W. Brodersen, "Cognitive Techniques for Improving Ultra-Wideband Coexistence," IEEE International Conference on Ultra-Wideband, September 2007 (invited paper).