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2009 Research Summary

Unsupervised Coreference Resolution (UnsupCoref)

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Aria Delier Haghighi and Daniel Klein


Coreference resolution is the task of partitioning the noun phrase mentions according to their underlying referent. We approach this problem as a clustering problem where the number of entities, or clusters, are not known in advance. We assume there is a global distribution over entities in a document corpus and that each document draws its own distribution over entities mentioned in the document. Our model addresses the problem of global entity resolution as well as the problem of sequential anaphoric resolution within a document.

Figure 1
Figure 1: A graphical model depiction of the hierarchical Dirichlet process coreference resolution model

A. Haghighi and D. Klein, "Unsupervised Coreference Resolution in a Nonparametric Bayesian Model," Proceedings of ACL, 2007.