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2009 Research Summary

Art, Geometry, and Abstract Sculpture

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Carlo H. Séquin

We explore the connections between art and mathematics: How can mathematical models used in education be made more interesting, relevant, and aesthetically pleasing? What mathematical formulations underlie some abstract geometrical sculptures? How can computers help to design new and interesting abstract sculptures? How can we use art and sculptures and puzzles to get children interested in mathematics?

In collaboration with Brent Collins and Steve Reinmuth, a 6-foot diameter bronze sculpture "Pax Mundi" has been designed, cast, and installed in the H&R Block headquarters building in Kansas City. A pictorial report of the installation can be seen at: http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/%7Esequin/SCULPTS/CHS_bronzes/Pax_Mundi_II/pax_mundi_II.html.

Figure 1
Figure 1: "PAX MUNDI II," bronze sculpture, conceived by Brent Collins, computer-modeled by Carlo H. Séquin, cast, assembled, and finished by Steve Reinmuth.