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2008 Research Summary

Execution Time Analysis on the PICos18 Real-Time Operating System

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Guoqiang Wang, Marco Di Natale and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

In this work, platform-based design methodology for real-time operating systems is presented. As a particular modular real-time operating system for the MicroChip PIC18 family of controllers, the PICos18 is the only real-time operating system with open source that fully conforms to the OSEK/VDX standard, which has been extensively used in the automotive industry.

Detailed analysis on execution times is conducted for kernel services of the PICos18. Based on the performance analysis result, existing inefficiencies are removed by using more efficient algorithms with clever supporting data structures. The improved PICos18 is analyzed as well and the results are compared. Finally, experiments confirm the performance analysis results.