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2008 Research Summary

Web Service Interfaces (CHIC)

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Dirk Beyer, Arindam Chakrabarti, Thomas A. Henzinger and Sanjit A. Seshia

We propose an automata-theoretic type system for behavioral specification of open systems [1-5]. The benefit we achieve from being able to work with open systems is that we can analyze large systems incrementally without needing extensive summary information to close the system at each stage.

We have developed a formalism to behaviorally represent open web service components, a specification language to denote properties of interest in the inter-operations of such components, and algorithms to check the same [4,5]. We validate the applicability of our formalism for the specification and verification of the method-invocation behavior of web-service applications constructed from asynchronously interacting multi-threaded distributed components by modeling applications using the Amazon.com e-commerce services (ECS) framework [5].

Our algorithms for checking the behavioral compatibility of component interfaces are available in the tool Chic, which can be used as a plug-in for the Java IDE JBuilder and the heterogenous modeling and design environment Ptolemy II.

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