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2008 Research Summary

Separate Compilation of Hierarchical Real-Time Programs into Linear-Bounded Embedded Machine Code

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Arkadeb Ghosal, Daniel Iercan, Christoph Kirsch, Thomas A. Henzinger and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

We have recently proposed a coordination language, called Hierarchical Timing Language (HTL), for distributed, hard real-time applications. HTL is a hierarchical extension of Giotto and, like its predecessor, is based on the logical execution time (LET) paradigm of real-time programming. Giotto is compiled into code for a virtual machine, called the Embedded Machine (or E machine). If HTL is targeted to the E machine, the hierarchical program structure needs to be flattened which makes separate compilation difficult and may result in code of exponential size. In this project, we propose a generalization of the E machine which supports a hierarchical program structure at runtime through real-time trigger mechanisms that are arranged in a tree. We present the generalized E machine, and a modular compiler for HTL that generates code of linear size. The compiler may generate code for any parts of a given HTL program separately in any order.