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2008 Research Summary

Architecture Exploration for Distributed Automotive Application

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Wei Zheng and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

The complexity and physical distribution of modern active safety, chassis, and powertrain automotive applications requires the use of distributed architectures. Complex functions designed as networks of function blocks exchanging signal information are deployed onto the physical HW and implemented in a SW architecture consisting of a set of tasks and messages. The typical configuration features priority-based scheduling of tasks and messages and imposes end to end deadlines. In this project, we optimize the task placement and the signal to message mapping [1], activation model [2], and we automate the assignment of priorities to tasks and messages in order to meet end to end deadline constraints and minimize latencies. The approach is applied to an automotive case study to prove its feasibility.

"Definition of Task Allocation and Priority Assignment in Hard Real-Time Distributed System."
"Synthesis of Buffer Placement in Hard Real Time Distributed System."