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2008 Research Summary

End-User Generated Location Aware Applications on Mobile Devices (GLAZE)

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Jingtao Wang and John F. Canny

Location-aware applications are experiencing tremendous growth with the popularization of GPS-enabled cell phones. However, building these applications still requires a long time and a high level of technical expertise, making it difficult to address those countless location-centered activities in our daily lives.

In this project, we propose a system for creating location-aware mini-applications, GLAZE (Generalized Location Aware modelZ for End-users), which enables the average end-user to create everyday location-aware applications by themselves and on their cell phones. The GLAZE system provides a set of location-aware primitives named REWIND (READ, WRITE and FIND) to help end-users model and generate their intended applications though the help of a set of form-style smart templates. The GLAZE system is designed to lower the floor of location-aware application creation and encourage both expertise sharing and group interactions in a community.

Figure 1
Figure 1: Client side UI of GLAZE

J. Wang and J. Canny, "End-User Place Annotation on Mobile Devices: A Comparative Study," Extended Abstracts in ACM CHI 2006, Montreal, Canada, April 24-27, 2006.