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2008 Research Summary

Board-to-Board Optical Interconnect with MEMS Tracking

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Jeffrey Chou, Kyoungsik Yu and Ming C. Wu

This project aims to design a MEMS-actuated electrostatic 2D lens scanner for board to board free space optical interconnect. Current copper based interconnect transfer rates are reaching fundamental limits, thus new alternative high-speed designs must be considered for future high-performance demands. A free space board-to-board optical link offers a faster, cheaper, smaller, and lower power alternative to copper interconnects. A compact electrostatic design is used to mechanically move a polymer-based micro-lens in the X and Y direction at high frequencies. The movable lens is then used to steer a beam for board to board optical tracking. During normal operation, the lens scanner must be able to cancel out background mechanical noise such as cooling fans, spinning hard drives, and thermal expansions. Thus large displacements and actuation frequencies are essential for design success.

Figure 1
Figure 1: SEM of electrostatic MEMS 2D scanner