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2008 Research Summary

Communication Synthesis (COSI)

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Alessandro Pinto, Luca Carloni1 and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

Advancement in technology allows for the development of a powerful and cheap hardware platform that can implement an increasing amount of functionality within the same device. In order to meet the stringent time-to-market requirements, engineers cannot afford to design every single component of such architectures from scratch, but they are forced to re-use components. The system-level design problem in the context of architecture platforms is not about intellectual property development but component integration. When devices like wireless nodes, mobile devices, sensors, cameras, etc. become a commodity for larger systems, the problem is to orchestrate their cooperation in such a way that a specific functionality can be successfully deployed on the resulting distributed architecture. Again, the problem of system-level design for large scale systems like buildings, hospitals, and airplanes is not about component design but component integration.

Communication synthesis is an enabling technology that, given a set of point-to-point quality of services (QoS) and given a description of the available communication components, automatically builds a network that guarantees the required QoS while minimizing network cost [1]. The Communication Synthesis Infrastructure project (COSI) [2] at the University of California, Berkeley aims to develop and implement a set of algorithms for communication synthesis that include topology and protocol synthesis. COSI has been used in two application domains: System-on-Chips [3,4] and building automation systems [5].

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1Columbia University