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2008 Research Summary

Energy-Performance Optimal Floating Point Unit

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Seng Oon Toh and Borivoje Nikolic

Existing methods have been developed for optimal gate sizing which have been proven effective in the design of a 64-bit domino logic adder [1]. The goal of this work is to evaluate the scalability and generality of this optimization framework by applying these methods on a larger circuit such as an FPU. The FPU will be synthesized from an RTL description and implemented using standard cells which are optimally sized for minimum energy at a given performance target. A novel retiming algorithm will also be used to further reduce the energy consumed by the sequential circuit without sacrificing performance. The project will culminate in the fabrication of a test-chip that will be used to verify results of the optimization framework.

S. Kao, R. Zlatanovici, and B. Nikolic, "A 240 ps 64 b Carry-Lookahead Adder in 90 nm CMOS," Solid-State Circuits, 2006 IEEE Int. Conf. Digest of Technical Papers, February 2006, pp. 1735-1744.