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2008 Research Summary

Declarative Sensor Networks

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David Chiyuan Chu, Lucian Popa, Arsalan Tavakoli, Philip Levis1, Joseph M. Hellerstein, Ion Stoica and Scott Shenker

The database and sensor network communities have both recognized the utility of SQL for interfacing with sensor network systems. Recently, there have been proposals to construct Internet protocols declaratively in variants of Datalog. We take these ideas to their logical extreme, and aim to build entire distributed sensor network systems declaratively. We explore the rapidity, flexibility, and efficiency enabled by such an approach by specifying several widely deployed sensor network applications and services declaratively. As a result of our declarative, datadriven construction, we are able to highlight a wealth of previously underexposed similarities between sensor networks and database concepts. In addition, we tackle many database systems challenges in building multiple layers of a declarative database for an embedded, distributed system with very restricted capabilities. Our results suggest that the declarative approach is feasible for sensor networks and can even lead to efficient implementations.