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2008 Research Summary

Ptolemy II--Heterogeneous Concurrent Modeling and Design in Java

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Christine Avanessians, Elaine Cheong, Thomas Huining Feng, Man-Kit Leung, Ben Lickly, Isaac Liu, Gang Zhou, Jia Zou, Christopher Brooks and Edward A. Lee

Ptolemy II [1-3] is a set of Java packages supporting heterogeneous, concurrent modeling, simulation, and design of component-based systems. The emphasis is on a clean, modular software architecture, divided into a set of coherent, comprehensible packages. The kernel package supports definition and manipulation of clustered hierarchical graphs, which are collections of entities and relations between those entities. The actor package extends the kernel so that entities have functionality and can communicate via the relations. The domains extend the actor package by imposing models of computation on the interaction between entities.

The Ptolemy II graphical user interface is called Vergil. Vergil itself is a component assembly defined in Ptolemy II. Ptolemy II includes facilities for code generation from models.

In addition to the complete version of Ptolemy II, the following sub-versions are available: